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CYCLEOPS PowerBeam Pro Trainer: A WINNER!

After a flurry of last minute entries that had the PEZ servers hot enough to fry sausages, a lucky winner was selected from a bubbling vat of winter training hopefuls. We’re pleased to congratulate Chris Boswell of Greenville SC as the winner of the CycleOps PowerBeam Pro Trainer.

No matter how many awesome prizes we give away to our faithful readers, the reaction is pretty much the same – shock, denial, acceptance, and giddy school-girl like laughter. And the winners are pretty happy too.

Chris has been a longtime reader of PEZ, and may just be ready to hang with his home town resident George Hincapie, after a winter of training on his new PowerBeam Pro – the compact, quiet indoor trainer that with programmable, wireless PowerTap technology.

• You believe that if you could control the variables of training, you would perform at your highest level. You want software that lets you plan a workout precisely, minute by valuable minute. You want to measure your output compared to your targets. You want the most advanced technology on your side. And you want all the facts before you invest in a trainer. PowerTap power measurement technology is accurate to + or – 5% for precise power measurement. Closed loop resistance control allows you to target and lock in exact power output or slope for precise interval training with instantaneous resistance changes. It’s the only wireless electronic trainer available. Easy to set up and portable, with 100% data integrity, and no drop outs or interference.

• See the CycleOps website for more info.

Thanks again to everyone who entered, and to Saris for supplying such an awesome training tool. Stay tuned for more great promos coming your way on PEZ!

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