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Cycling Survivor? – 75 Pros Without Contracts

This year many professional teams left cycling, and also because of so many new pro riders in the last few years, many cyclist will retire. An example is Luca Scinto, 34 years old, who had a long and good career as supporting riders in important teams like Mapei, said to Gazzetta Dello Sport:
“Two weeks ago Reverberi (team manager of Panaria) called me and he offered me a place into his team. I can understand that it’s a little team and that he doesn’t have a big budget, but I cannot accept a contract with the same money which I earned when I started. I’ve a long career and I’ve a family, if I won’t find an adequate contract I will retire. Maybe I will work for an U23 team or for any bank. From October I got many offers, but no one good. Lately too many riders turned pro”.

In the last years it’s happened that for example 50 U23 riders turned pro, “when I turned pro, with me there were just 6-7 other guys. Sometimes I see cyclists who are not able to stay on bike”. But Luca’s not the only one, another 75 pro riders are without a contract for 2003, but he says that “at max just 15 merit staying in this category”. After a great performance at Zolder, he was wishing to help Cipolini the next season, who “promised me a place into his team for the great work at the World Championship, and Mario doesn’t tease the others. Anyway I’m still without a contract and it’s hard to think about the future, but before to give up, I will wait that for that call”.

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