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Day 6: Tour of America’s Dairyland

Day 6 of the Tour of America’s Dairyland pb Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board started with thunder, lightning and rain showers but ended with an actual rainbow above the final turn of ToAD’s most technical course during the Pro Men’s race.

Tour of America’s Dairyland pb Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board
Schlitz Park Criterium
Tuesday, June 26, 2013 (Day 6 of 11 dates)

A challenging beast of course, the first half of the Schlitz Park Criterium was an uphill battle with a steep, city block-long stretch. The second half featured a downhill ride through four technical turns before dumping out into a flat 250-meter sprint. It’s the kind of course that is either loved or detested.


On this day, every racer with the motivation to start or the tenacity to finish is a winner. Throughout all categories, in many cases, less than half of the Start List made it to the Results Board. Forty-seven rolled up to the line with just 23 finishing for the Pro Women, while just 61 finished out of an initial 103 Pro Men.

The Pro Women put on an exciting exhibition of athleticism before the Schlitz Park business community who enjoyed lunch outside under sunshine. With 19 laps remaining, a break of four formed consisting of Sam Schneider (Team TIBCO), Diana Penuela (Specialized Columbia), and Mellow Mushroom teammates Scotti Wilborne and Laura Van Gilder. Primes seemed to energize the field, as Heather Fischer (Exergy Twenty16) boosted the break to five a few laps later. Lauren Komanski (NOW and Novartis for MS) made the bridge to make the break an even half dozen.

As well-oiled as the break seemed, Scotti WIlborne (Mellow Mushroom) took a solo flyer off the break as three chased, Van Gilder (Mellow Mushroom), Penuela (Specialized Columbia) and Sam Schneider (Team TIBCO), with eight to go. Komanski made the chase group a quartet, as they attempted to chip away at the gap, which, at one point was as much as 30 seconds. Heather Fischer (Exergy TWENTY16) put forth a valiant effort during the last few laps to join the chase but in the end, the top step was prepped for Mellow Mushroom’s Scotti Wilborne, Sam Schneider (Team TIBCO) committed to some incredible sprinting for second. Penuela (Specialized) stood atop the third step of the podium.

Wilborne’s teammate Gilder put forth an exceptional effort for fourth, which keeps her in the pink Becker Law Overall Leaders Jersey, although just one point separates Van and Sam Schneider (TIBCO) in the Overall. Sam’s sister and teammate, Skylar, stays in the green Oarsman Capital Cat 2 Amateur Jersey.


The show began in the Men’s Pro Race just 30 minutes in as an 8-man break developed: Alexander “A-Ray” Ray (ISCorp-Intelligentsia), Frank Pipp (Bissell), Christopher Uberti (SmartStop), Christian Grasmann (Rudy Project), Colton Barrett (Texas Roadhouse pb Motorex), Andrew Dahlheim (Bissell), Emile Abraham (Predator Carbon Repair), and Dion Smith (Predator Carbon Repair).

ISCorp-Intelligentsia’s A-Ray bridged in just two laps and helped to set the pace of the break, which, at its peak, had reached 45 seconds and a speed of 42mph around the final turn.

Back in the field, Mike Scherer (Team Optum pb Kelly Benefit Strategies) and John Tomlinson (ISCorp-Intelligentsia Coffee) did their share of heavy lifting for much of the day.

At 10 to go, A-Ray (ISCorp) took a short-lived solo flyer off the front, which had him just 15 seconds from the back of the field at one point, before being absorbed by the break a few laps later. Meanwhile, Dahlheim fell off the break. The in-fighting started to begin with six to go as the field started to come unglued. But with five to go, Pipp (Bissell) exploded to snatch a $250 cash prime and a place in the newly formed three-man break, which included Grasmann (Rudy Project) and Smith (Predator). Seemingly still running on the adrenaline from his prime pick-up, it was Pipp who snuck on the outside to take Dion on his wheel for the win. Grasmann rounded out the podium.

Ricardo Escuela (Predator) slipped into the yellow Overall jersey while LAPT’s Dallas Fowler zipped up the green amateur jersey.

Tour of America’s Dairyland continues Wednesday with the first of two back-to-back road races with the Attitude Sports Road Race, featuring a challenging 10-mile loop.

Place Bib # Racer Name Team Name
2 95 Frank Pipp Bissell Cycling
3 40 Dion Smith Predator Carbon Repair
4 206 christian Grasmann Rudy Project
5 18 Colton Barrett Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team P/B Motorex
6 35 Emile Abraham Predator Carbon Repair
7 179 Alexander Ray ISCorp Cycling Team
9 101 Christopher Uberti SmartStop / Mock Orange Bikes p/b Ridley
10 37 Ricardo Escuela Predator Carbon Repair
11 97 Sam Sautelle (unattached)
12 52 Orlando Garibay SC Velo MRI Endurance Elite U23
13 178 John Tomlinson ISCorp p/b Intellgentsia Coffee
14 143 Alexey Shmidt Team United Healthcare Georgia/The 706 P
15 229 Alberto Cavarrodias Track National Mexican Team
16 175 Jeyson Camilo Ulloa Indeportes Boyaca
17 59 Anthony Olson Mitsubishi Laser/Grand Performance
18 66 Lee Muse Bike Religion/ ShoAir
19 100 Bradley Tuhi (unattached)
20 47 Rahsaan Bahati Sharecare Cycling p/b WheelandSprocket.c
22 98 John (Jackie) Simes Team SmartStop p/b Mountain Kha
23 91 Adam Myerson Team Mountain Khakis/SmartStop
24 153 Marvin Guzman Tranquilo Racing p/b Pacific Multisport
25 158 Zack Allison ThinkFinance Racing
26 169 Brandon Feehery Astellas Oncology Cycling Team
27 67 Blake Anton TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling
28 86 Diego Garavito (unattached)
29 225 Edivaldo Maldonado Track National Mexican Team
30 81 Mac Brennan UCI CT: Bissell Cycling
31 48 Anthony Canevari Sharecare Cycling p/b WheelandSprocket.c
32 49 Yosvany Falcon Sharecare Cycling p/b WheelandSprocket.c
33 50 Jordan Mathes Wheel & Sprocket
34 176 Michael Chauner Equipe Garneau- Quebecor
35 214 Dallas Fowler Lakes Area Physical Therapy
36 208 Nick Stopler Rudy Project
37 25 Nicholas Ramirez Kentucky Flyers Cycling Inc
38 184 Gevan Samuel (unattached)
40 187 Cortlan Brown Astellas Oncology Cycling Team
41 22 John Grant Kentucky Flyers Cycling Inc
42 204 Daniel Bechtold Elite Protocol p/b LOOK
43 205 Marcel Kalz Rudy Project
44 207 Andreas Graf Rudy Project
45 156 Mike Sherer Team Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies
46 163 Paul Morris TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling
48 16 Matthew Light KCV Cycling Club
49 167 Andrew Buntz Astellas Oncology Cycling Team
50 42 Marcos Lazzarotto Pyramid Elite Racing
52 30 Bryan Fosler KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin
53 201 Joseph Garcia Bicycle-Heaven
54 181 Alexander Meyer DS corp
55 230 Erik Loberg Great Dane Velo Club
56 26 Zachary Felpel Lateral Stress Velo Inc.
57 134 Ruud Cremers Team Novo Nordisk Elite
58 69 Miles LaMon TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling
59 180 Kip Spaude ISCorp p/b Intellgentsia Coffee
60 172 Braig Dacal Team Novo Nordisk Elite
61 226 Daniel Badilla Track National Mexican Team

Place Bib # Racer Name Team Name Age
1 68 E “Scotti” Wilborne Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers 30
2 55 Samantha Schneider Team TIBCO/To the Top 23
3 79 Diana Penuela Specialized Columbia 27
4 1 Laura Van Gilder Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers 49
5 61 Lauren Komanski NOW and Novartis for MS 28
6 70 Heather Fischer Exergy TWENTY12 25
7 26 Tamina Oliver KS Energy Services / Team Wisconsin 20
8 11 Cari Higgins Exergy TWENTY16 37
9 32 Amy Cutler Team EPS/CSS p/b Shebell &Shebell 27
10 85 Ash Duban Comanche Racing 27
11 37 Amy Phillips Scenic City Velo/Hub Endurance Women’s Cycling Team 40
12 4 Katherine Shields Pain Pathways 19
13 2 Carrie Cash Wootten Pepper Palace Pro Cycling 42
14 72 Jennifer Perricone ISCorp p/b Intellgentsia Coffee 25
15 65 Michelle Hayner Velossimo Racing 23
16 87 Madeleine Pape ISCorp p/b Intellgentsia Coffee 29
17 80 Ana Cristina Sanabria Specialized Colombia 20
18 27 Amanda Seigle Metromint Cycling 31
19 56 Alison Tetrick UCI WPT: Exergy TWENTY16 28
20 47 Jeannie Kuhajek Vanderkitten 40
21 21 Vanessa Curtis Iowa City Cycling Club 36
22 45 Lindsay Fox Tribe Racing/Jobing.com Women’s Racing 30
23 44 Skylar Schneider Team TIBCO II 15

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