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Lance Vs The Tour: Whooo Do You Love?

It’s great to see the Tour on tv in the comfort of our own homes – finally! For sure the popularity of the race has exploded in the last 4 years since Lance has taken over, but what happens when Lance retires – will America forget about the Tour? Randolph Scott offers these thoughts…

Saturday night was my third date with Susan, and after a nice dinner I invited her back to my apartment to drink a bottle of wine and watch a movie. I hung our jackets on the hooks on the wall and as Susan got settled on the couch, I tried to create as much ambiance as a live-alone bachelor knows how to. I lit a few candles, lowered the lights, and poured a couple of glasses of wine. As Susan took her first sip, I popped in a video tape. It wasn’t ‘9-1/2 weeks’, or another romantic movie. It was video of last year Tour de France.

“What’s this?” She asked with surprise

“It’s the Tour.” I said excitedly.

After Susan got over her initial shock, she recognized Lance on the screen and asked where in France they were racing. We spent the next hour watching Lance do battle with ONCE in last year’s Tour. Susan went on to tell me how much she loves Lance.

“Do you really love Lance, or is it just the Tour?” I asked.
“Well I like the Tour, but Lance I love. Look he’s wearing the Yellow jersey. That means he’s in the lead.” She excitedly told me as she pointed at the TV.

Well I just got back from a ride, and as I climbed the last hill a half mile from my apartment, one thing was very clear, America loves Lance. “Go Lance!” The neighborhood kids cheered as I raced up that last hill.

One thing is for sure, nobody is going to mistake me for Lance, but these kids still cheered his name none the less. Now how can I make America love the Tour, as much as they love Lance? I want America to love the Tour not only because it’s a beautiful race, but because it is the ultimate test of fitness, strategy, and human courage.

More importantly, I want America to love the Tour so they can truly appreciate how phenomenal an athlete Lance really is. I want the average baseball fan to understand how difficult it is to race up 3 mountain passes in a day, while enduring the attacks from rival teams. When America learns to love the tour and understand what the race entails, we will cease having Lance fans. We will have Lance worshippers.

Susan is coming over tomorrow night, and I’m planning on cooking her a nice dinner. I’m serving chicken, there is a nice bottle of wine chilling in the refrigerator, and I have an edited tape of 3 alpine stages and the last time trial from Lance’s first tour win. Is America in love with the Tour, I’m doing my part.

Contributed by Randolph Scott

What Do You Think? Does America Love Lance More Than The Tour? Do They Even Care About The Tour?
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