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Euro Shorts

CSC & Deutsche Postbank
It seems that finally Bjarne Riis, team manager of CSC and winner of Tour de France 1996, has found a second sponsor for his team: Deutsche Postbank.
They are still talking but he has many hopes for it. If the contract will become
reality, Jan Ullrich will join the team with also probably Steinhauser, ex Gerolsteiner. But for the moment there’s another new team mate for Hamilton & Co, Julian Dean, ex Us Postal.

2003 Giro: Wait For It
The official presentation of the 86th Giro d’Italia has been changed from 16 November to 30 November. Motivation: journalist’s strike.

Botero Wants to Escape
stays into the Kelme. The 2002 Time Trial World Champion is in conflict with his team and with his team manager Vicente Belda. He wanted to leave, because he got a very good offer from the Team Telekom, but now it looks like he’ll probably stay with the Spanish team. “In this moment it’s the most logical thing to do, even if, I cannot lie that I’m looking for any escape from this situation” .

Lampre At Spa
The Italian team Lampre is relaxing at Salice Terme, a resort spa who will become a technical sponsor in 2003. They will use the resort a base for their preparation. Last week the team announced new signings Francesco Casagrande, Wladimir Belli, Eddy Ratti, Daniele Righi and the spaniard Patxi Vila Errandonea. They will return at the start of December for the first training camp.

Cipo Gets Clipo
Mario Cipollini is at the hospital for a little operation to remove a cyst. It’s a usual
operation that the “older” riders need to do after many years of a pro career. Tomorrow he will return at home. Hey – we don’t make the news – we just report it!

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