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Euro-Trash Monday

Gooooood mooorrrning cycling fans! Let’s kick the week off with our usual savory assortment of cycling-savvy salaciousness… here’s some poop on Jan and his paycheck, Geneveive’s press conference, helping Eddie B. and more…

Ullrich Wants his Money
Mr.Ullrich and many of his team mates from Team Bianchi are still awaiting to get there full salaries. Ullrich is reported to be receiving 600,000 Euro by the end of this year. Rafael Schweda has been reported airing out his concerns saying “There is still some missing, But I was called and told that it would be transferred. If not, I will get my money from the bank guarantee via the UCI”. Andre Korff is also awaiting the rest of his salary for the month of October. Team Bianchi manager Jacques Hanegraaf says that “With some there is a little delay with the payments. But everyone will get his money”. All of this is going on even though there is the rumor circulating that Team Bianchi will not open next year, which was a report of the Gazet van Antwerpen.

Jeanson Speaks Out About?
Team Rona-Esker member Genevieve Jeanson will be holding a press conference this Monday The exact reason for the press conference is not entirely understood at the moment, however it is believed to be focusing on Jeanson, and not her team mates. Larouche says “It is in response to the overwhelming number of requests for interviews she has received” he mentioned to the press on Friday. Canadian Cycling is now in a grizzle about Dr. Duquette saying that he wrote a prescription for EPO to an Elite Level Cyclist from Quebec. Hating on the Canadians huh. Dr.Duquette had pleaded guilty in court and then a day later presented a letter denying the allegations. A no names gag order has been issued by the courts not to disclose the name of the rider, however as we could imagine the Canadian cycling federations are anxious to find out who this mystery rider is.

Eddie B. Could Use Your Help
All of us probably remember the legendary coach Eddie Borysewicz whom led the U.S. team into 4 Gold 3 Silver and 2 Bronze medals during the 1984 Olympics (read the PEZ story here). Or Perhaps you have read his book Bicycle Road Racing Complete Program For Training and Competition. Eddie B. Has been living in Ramona, California for the past couple of years as a coach of many masters and junior riders. Unfortunatelly Eddie has lost his house in the fires that ran rampant in the California hills. Luckily Eddie was able to escape the fire with his life and his animals, however his possessions were not so fortunate i.e his house. Some of the things that he lost were his 1984 Olympic medals, and a book of his newspaper clippings which he had started as a kid (yes he has been cycling since he was a kid!). There have been numerous funds put up in order to get Mr. Borysewicz back on his feet again. More info to help Eddie can be found here www.cqdigital.com/eddiebfund/home.asp which was set up to receive donations. Let’s all come together to help one of the greats of cycling.

Basque Rider Awareness Ride
The Marcha Ciclista Urbana, went down on Saturday between Erandio and Arriga in Basque Country. This event which normally attracts a crowd of about 500 people is focusing on providing driver awareness for cyclists. During the 2003 year so far there have been 4 deaths and 127 other cases of rider being hit by an automobile. Do people think you get points for hitting us, is it some sick game or something? The 30km course which began in the town of Ayuntamiento de Erandio at 10:30 am and ended in the town of Arriga. Yet it also payed a rest stop to Berango, where Ricardo Oxtoa was killed in a car accident which also injured his brother. The latest campaign has hopes of having the Basque government to make a Marra Gorri (Red Line) on the most used roads, The line is to be measured to be 1.5 meters from the trafficand the side of the road. The awareness has paid off, Media support has been shown, and support from the Basque Authorities has also proven evident. Some supporters include Miguel Indurian, Joanne Somarriba, David Lopez and many, many more.

New Alessio Riders
Manager of Team Fakta, Peter Sejer has announced some of the new recruits to team Alessio for the 2004 season. They include Allan Bo Andresen, Rene Jorgensen, and Marcus Ljungqvist. Sejer wants to set the record straight with mentioning that neither Team Fakta nor Team Alessio had been in negotiations with Joseba Beloki, despite the rumors otherwise.

Job Opportunities
Heartland Road Racing Team are looking for a few good riders… well really good riders to be truthful. The Team is expanding it’s elite roster for the 2004 season. They are looking for CAT 1 riders (With a preference for the U23s) whom desire to race in the Pro/AM events throughout the U.S. Interested riders should e-mail Josh Crow at [email protected] and e-mail him your Resume and Bio.

German Championships
In 2004 the German Championships will be held in the town of Freiburg from June 26th to the 27th. The parcour will be 21.4 km long beginning and ending in front of the Freiburg Concert Hall. The circuit will be traveling via Schnewlinstrasse, Heinrich-von-Stephan-Strasse, Basler Strasse, Lцrracher Strasse, Andreas-Hofer-Strasse, Basler Strasse, over the Leutersberg, Schallstadt-Wolfenweiler to Ebringen, Wittnau, Au, Merzhausen and back to the concert hall.

Unfortunately every now and then there is a death in the cycling community. Today I am sorry to say that there have been two deaths, an Italian by the name of Marco Rusconi, and a Frenchmen by the name of Fabrice Salanson. Marco Rusconi died Friday night November the 14th. Marco had just recently turned 24 and rode for the amateur team Ceramiche Pagoncelli. He was born in Binago, Italy. The death appears to be due to heart failure. Professional Fabrice Salanson whom rode for the Brioches La Boulangere team died in his sleep on the dawning of the Tour of Germany at the age of 23. Rest In Peace.

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