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EuroTrash Thursday!

Mark Cavendish is making the best of his last weeks as World champion with back-to-back stage wins in the Tour of Britain. All the up and coming Worlds news, the afore mentioned Tour of Britain and a handful of Belgian races fill up the EuroTrash bag for a busy Thursday morning. Worlds in Holland, so; koffie en taart?

“Top Story”: Industry To Remember Troy Angwin At Interbike
If you are at Interbike on Thursday, 20th September, then come along to booth #10123 at 5pm and reminisce over a beer to honour the memory of the late Troy Angwin who passed away earlier this year (see the Pez’s memories of Troy here).

A Tribute to Troy Angwin, Interbike Booth # 10123, Thursday 20th September at 5pm.

The tribute is hosted by Champion System, and all attendees at Interbike are welcome to join.

Tour of Britain 2012
Sky’s Luke Rowe won stage 1 and it looked like he held his overall lead at the end of Stage 2, but on the photo finish Rowe had lost 1 second to the leaders, which gave UnitedHealthcare’s Boy Van Poppel the overall lead. Leigh Howard (Orica-GreenEdge) won the stage in a sprint finish in Knowsley from World champion; Mark Cavendish (Sky) with Van Poppel third. Howard and Van Poppel are on the same time, but due to his higher placing the Dutchman has the leader’s jersey.

“I need to say a big thank you to my team, especially Aidis Kruopis,” said Howard. “I’ve done a few leads outs, and I know it can be a bit disappointing when your hard work doesn’t result in a win from your sprinter. I’m happy to be able to repay the team back for the work they did for me today.”

Jack Bobridge animated the early action, covering an attack and inspiring the formation of a six-rider breakaway. Team Sky controlled the chase and began to pull back the escape after they gained a maximum advantage of 4:10. The peloton swept up the break inside the final 25 kilometers. Bobridge earned the most aggressive rider prize for his efforts
“Jack did a good job to go into the break,” noted Sports Director Lionel Marie. “In our briefing this morning, I told him to take it easy today and only try something if it felt right. He covered a big group and ended up going up the road to create the breakaway today. He has been away from road racing for four months, so this is especially impressive.”

While Team Sky did the bulk of the pace-making as the peloton surged towards the finish, Kruopis looked after Howard. Three kilometers from the finish, Kruopis brought Howard towards the front of the field.

“It was really nice not to have to think too much with Aidis looking after me,” said Howard. “As a sprinter, he knows where we want to be. I trusted him and followed his wheel during the last 20 kilometers. He had done so much work for so long that he ran out of legs 1.5 kilometers from the line. That’s when I jumped on Cav’s wheel.”

Howard came around Cavendish to open the sprint. “I had to fight hard to get Cav’s wheel, but I did get it,” Howard explained. “I went through the last few corners on his wheel. They were tight turns, so it was single-file coming out of the last corner onto the home stretch.”

“I started my sprint at 250 meters,” Howard continued. “It’s a long sprint, but I’ve learned that I’ve got a bit more length in my sprint from the leads out I’ve done throughout the season.”

Having put himself out front, Howard remained ahead of the other sprinters all the way to the line.
“I feel a huge sense of relief,” admitted Howard. “It’s been a long season looking for a win. I’ve tried time and time again. I knew I had made a step forward in terms of my strength this year, and it’s taken this long to finally see the results.”

Tour of Britain Stage 2 Result:
1. Leigh Howard (Aus) Orica-GreenEdge in 4:31:09
2. Mark Cavendish (GB) Sky
3. Boy Van Poppel (Ned) UnitedHealthcare
4. Steele Von Hoff (Aus) Garmin-Sharp
5. Russell Downing (GB) Endura
6. Sep Vanmarcke (Bel) Garmin-Sharp
7. Wesley Kreder (Ned) Vacansoleil-DCM
8. Nathan Haas (Aus) Garmin-Sharp
9. Sam Bennett (Irl) An Post-Sean Kelly at 0:01
10. Luke Rowe (GB) Sky.

Tour of Britain Overall After Stage 2:
1. Boy Van Poppel (Ned) UnitedHealthcare in 9:22:04
2. Leigh Howard (Aus) Orica-GreenEdge
3. Luke Rowe (GB) Sky at 0:01
4. Rony Martias (Fra) Saur-Sojasun at 0:04
5. Mark Cavendish (GB) Sky
6. Russell Downing (GB) Endura at 0:06
7. Steele Von Hoff (Aus) Garmin-Sharp at 0:10
8. Sep Vanmarcke (Bel) Garmin-Sharp
9. Nathan Haas (Aus) Garmin-Sharp
10. Peter Hawkins (Irl) IG-Sigma Sport at 0:11.

Stage 2 sprint:

Stage 3 was in the Scottish borders from Jedburgh to Dumfries. Mark Cavendish (Sky) won the stage after a long breakaway from Wesley Kreder (Vacansoleil-DCM) and Peter Hawkins (Team IG – Sigma Sport) was reeled back. Sep Vanmarcke (Garmin-Sharp) made a bold attempt with about 10 kilometres to go, but he was also pulled back by Sky to put the World champion in the best position for the sprint, were he outsprinted two Orica-GreenEdge riders; Leigh Howard and Aidis Kruopis. Lee Howard moves into the overall lead, but Cavendish is on the same time.

Mark Cavendish said: “I’m delighted. We tried a few different things yesterday which didn’t quite work out, so [Sports Director] Servais Knaven told us to keep things simple today and go for the sprint. We’ve got the team here who can do a brilliant lead out and it was pretty straightforward in the end.

“We didn’t have to control today, because we didn’t have the jersey, and that worked in our favour because it meant we could use everybody up at the end.

“We always had those breakaway riders in our sights. Christian, Brad and Jez all did massive pulls and were able to line it out and bring everything back together at just the right time. It was great for me to be able to sit on the wheel while they were doing all the work.

“There’s only six riders per team here so the guys had to do long pulls. Bernie did almost a one-kilometre turn and then Luke went with just under 1km to go – which is far longer than the usual 400m for a lead-out man – and he rode it perfectly into the last corner.

“I knew the finish, that it would have a tailwind going downhill, so that meant I could go early, and I’m really happy to get the win.”

Tour of Britain Stage 3 Result:
1. Mark Cavendish (GBr) Sky in 3:54:31
2. Leigh Howard (Aus) Orica-GreenEdge
3. Aidis Kruopis (Ltu) Orica-GreenEdge
4. Luke Rowe (GB) Sky
5. Sam Bennett (Irl) An Post-Sean Kelly
6. Russell Downing (GB) Endura
7. Boy Van Poppel (Ned) UnitedHealthcare
8. Jonathan McEvoy (GB) Endura
9. Barry Markus (Ned) Vacansoleil-DCM
10. Yanto Barker (GB) UK Youth Cycling.

Tour of Britain Overall After Stage 3:
1. Leigh Howard (Aus) Orica-GreenEdge in 13:16:28
2. Mark Cavendish (GB) Sky
3. Boy Van Poppel (Ned) UnitedHealthcare at 0:04
4. Luke Rowe (GB) Sky
5. Rony Martias (Fra) Saur-Sojasun at 0:10
6. Russell Downing (GBr) Endura at 0:12
7. Steele Von Hoff (Aus) Garmin-Sharp at 0:16
8. Nathan Haas (Aus) Garmin-Sharp
9. Sep Vanmarcke (Bel) Garmin-Sharp
10. Sam Bennett (Irl) An Post-Sean Kelly at 0:17.

Stage 3 highlights:

Mark Cavendish (Sky) won Stage 4 in to Blackpool and took the overall lead from Leigh Howard (Orica-GreenEdge). The Sky team took control of the peloton around 30 kilometres out from the finish and split the peloton to pieces, while at the same time giving the World champion a perfect lead-out.

Team Sky rider Mark Cavendish said: “Bradley [Wiggins] lives not far from Blackpool and the route included a lot of the roads he uses for training. He told us it was very open, and very windy, and he knew the exact place we should go on the attack. It was the perfect call.

“It was a grim day but we ploughed through and waited until that moment 22km from home to split things apart, and although it was difficult to do that with a small team, the fact Endura were riding as well made it easier.

“On those last 5km along the front we just made it so fast that nobody else could get close to us.

“We’d expected a crosswind, but in the end it felt like a tailwind, and we were flying. Luke’s going for the overall so we tried to let him get a bit of a gap like the other day, but then Leigh Howard jumped so I had to go with him, and then it was quite straightforward for me in the sprint.”

For the third day out of four, Kristian House of Rapha-Condor put in a brilliant display of aggressive riding to continue his quest to win the Skoda King of the Mountains title at the Tour of Britain. Once again the stage was dominated by a small move that pulled clear of the peloton in the first hour, and once again House was present when it mattered, making the selection along with five other riders.

“I honestly didn’t know how it would go today, I’d already done two long days off the front and yesterday my legs felt pretty tired in the finale. Today though as soon as we rolled out I felt much better, I had really good sensations so I thought I’d give it another go. I made sure I stayed observant and I picked the right move again.”

Tour of Britain Stage 4 Result:
1. Mark Cavendish (GB) Sky
2. Steele Von Hoff (Aus) Garmin – Sharp
3. Leigh Howard (Aus) Orica-GreenEdge
4. Boy Van Poppel (Ned) UnitedHealthcare
5. Daniel Schorn (Aut) Team NetApp
6. Russell Downing (GB) Endura
7. Magnus Backstedt (Swe) UK Youth Cycling
8. Sep Vanmarcke (Bel) Garmin-Sharp
9. Rony Martias (Fra) Saur-Sojasun
10. Luke Rowe (GB) Sky.

Tour of Britain Overall After Stage 4:
1. Mark Cavendish (GB) Sky in 17:07:51
2. Leigh Howard (Aus) Orica-GreenEdge at 0:06
3. Boy Van Poppel (Ned) UnitedHealthcare at 0:14
4. Luke Rowe (GB) Sky
5. Rony Martias (Fra) Saur-Sojasun at 0:20
6. Steele Von Hoff (Aus) Garmin-Sharp
7. Russell Downing (GB) Endura at 0:22
8. Sep Vanmarcke (Bel) Garmin-Sharp at 0:26
9. Nathan Haas (Aus) Garmin-Sharp
10. Yanto Barker (GB) UK Youth Cycling at 0:27.

Stage 4 highlights:

Here are the previews of stage 5, today (Thursday):

And stage 6, Friday:

Stage 7 preview:

And stage 8 preview all from IGMarketsCycling:

GP de Wallonie 2012
Greg Van Avermaet earned his second runner-up finish in five days for the BMC Racing Team Wednesday at the GP de Wallonie.

‘Lost His Wheel’
Van Avermaet said he could not follow the winning attack of Julien Simon (Saur-Sojasun) after making the decisive group of six that topped the final climb of the Citadelle de Namur together with less than two kilometres to go in the 203.1-kilometer race “With the travel from Canada, I was a bit tired today, but I think I had the legs to win,” Van Avermaet said. “I don’t think I was at my maximum level but I think I was the strongest of the race. In the final with Simon, I lost his wheel just before the last curve, so it was not easy to win the race, but I am in very good condition and I am happy.” On Friday in Canada, Van Avermaet was second to Simon Gerrans (Orica-GreenEdge) in the Grand Prix Cycliste de Quйbec. It was his 13th top 10 finish of the year and the third time he has finished second.

Several Riders In Breakaways
BMC Racing Team Assistant Director Rik Verbrugghe said a flat tire at the bottom of the last climb kept the team’s other contender, Mauro Santambrogio, from contesting the finish. “Though we were missing some small details to win the race, the team did a really good job today,” Verbrugghe said. “We had Johann Tschopp, Michael Schдr, Adam Blythe and Klaas Lodewyck in breakaways at one point and Greg was really strong today. He really tried hard and one day it will pay off.” Ivan Santaromita was involved in a crash near the halfway point of the race but did not suffer any broken bones while Yannick Eijssen did not start due to illness, Verbrugghe said.
Thanks to the BMC team for the info.

GP de Wallonie Result:
1. Julien Simon (Fra) Saur-Sojasun in 4:45:51
2. Greg Van Avermaet (Bel) BMC
3. Bjцrn Leukemans (Bel) Vacansoleil-DCM at 0:01
4. Luca Paolini (Ita) Katusha
5. Jan Bakelants (Bel) RadioShack-Nissan
6. Bert De Waele (Bel) Landbouwkrediet-Euphony at 0:03
7. Jasper Stuyven (Bel) Belgium
8. Johnny Hoogerland (Ned) Vacansoleil-DCM at 0:05
9. Nacer Bouhanni (Fra) FDJ-BigMat
10. Marco Marcato (Ita) Vacansoleil-DCM.

Last 3 kilometres:

GP de Fourmies/La Voix du Nord 2012
Lotto Belisol rider Lars Bak got the better of Alexander Kristoff (Katusha) and Marcel Kittel (Argos-Shimano) in a bunch sprint at the end of 205 kilometres in the north of France.

GP de Fourmies Result:
1. Lars Ytting Bak (Den) Lotto Belisol in 4:45:01
2. Alexander Kristoff (Nor) Katusha at 0:01
3. Marcel Kittel (Ger) Argos-Shimano
4. Baptiste Planckaert (Bel) Landbouwkrediet-Euphony
5. Jonathan Cantwell (Aus) Team Saxo Bank-Tinkoff Bank
6. Omar Bertazzo (Ita) Androni Giocattoli
7. Francesco Lasca (Ita) Caja Rural
8. Steven Caethoven (Bel) Accent Jobs-Willems Veranda’s
9. Alessandro Bazzana (Ita) Team Type 1-Sanofi
10. Jimmy Casper (Fra) Ag2r-La Mondiale.

GP Memorial Briek Schotte 2012
Guillaume Van Keirsbulck was added to the list of Omega Pharma – Quick-Step Cycling Team riders with a win in 2012, taking his first victory of the season in Desselgem Koerse – GP Memorial Briek Schotte on Tuesday.

Young Florian Senechal, stagiaire for OPQS, made a breakaway of four riders at the start. Three laps later, four riders joined the break, and eventually, three more riders joined to make a total of 11 riders ahead.

Later in the race, Bert Grabsch and Nikolas Maes were present in a chase group of 15 riders. Unfortunately, there was also a crash in the front group involving Senechal, where he crashed into a spectator. He dropped to the second group as a result of the crash.

With 2.5 laps to go, Van Keirsbulck attacked, and on the last lap, Iljo Keisse also attacked. The result was a 1-2 day for OPQS. The second group caught the first group as well, but Senechal was edged out of a podium sweep opportunity as Niko Eeckhout (An Post-Sean Kelly) bested him for 3rd. Other members of OPQS were also in the top 15.
Thanks to the OPQS team for info.

GP Memorial Briek Schotte Result:
1. Guillaume Van Keirsbulck (Bel) Omega Pharma – Quick-Step in 3:21.10
2. Iljo Keisse (Bel) Omega Pharma – Quick-Step at 0:30
3. Niko Eeckhout (Bel) An Post-Sean Kelly at 0:33
4. Florian Senechal (Fra) Omega Pharma – Quick-Step
5. Frederic Amorison (Bel) Landbouwkrediet-Euphony.

The great Briek Schotte:

No Tour of Beijing for Contador?
After his success in la Vuelta a Espaсa, Alberto Contador has desided not to ride the Chinese race, Tour of Beijing if the UCI points he might gain do not count towards the Saxo Bank-Tinkoff Banks total for the year. Team manager; bjarne Riis pointed out that “it makes no sense that Alberto Contador promote their race, if we do not get anything back. He will be a huge name over there, and he cannot even score some points. It makes no sense. And why should he go there? I cannot see why.” He told sporken.dk. Riis is taking the case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Pozzato Get’s 3 Month Ban
CONI have given Filippo Pozzato a three month ban for his connection to the banned doctor Michele Ferrari. Pozzato admitted to being trained by Ferrari from 2005 to 2009 and cannot race until after September the 18th as the ban started from June the 19th.

Jeremy Hunt to Retire
British rider, Jeremy Hunt has announced that he will hang up his wheels at the end of this season. The 38 year old turned professional in 1996 for the Spanish Banesto team and rode alongside Miguel Indurain, he then moved to French teams; BigMat-Auber, MBK-Oktos and then Mr. Bookmaker and Unibet before going to Credit Agricole and Cervelo Test Team. When Cervelo disbanded he went to Sky in 2011.

Jeremy Hunt in the Tour Down Under 2008:

Lopez for Sky
David Lopez will be leaving his current team, Movistar to join Sky after six years under the managership of Eusebio Unzue. He showed great promise finishing 14th in the 2007 Vuelta a Espaсa and wining a stage of the Tour of Germany the same year. He also won a stage of the 2010 Vuelta, but since then has been a strong team rider without any victories.

Spanish World’s Team
Spanish national coach Josй Luis De Santos has announced his road team for the World championships in Limburg, Holland. Samuel Sanchez may not be able to start because to his lack of training due to his crashes in the Tour and Poitou-Charentes, if he can’t start then Egoi Martнnez (Euskaltel-Euskadi) will replace him. On paper the Spanish team is one of the strongest, but the Worlds are not like any other race.

Jonathan Castroviejo (Movistar),
Pablo Lastras (Movistar),
Alejandro Valverde (Movistar),
Alberto Contador (Saxo Bank-Tinkoff Bank),
Juan Antonio Flecha (Sky),
Oscar Freire (Katusha),
Dani Moreno (Katusha),
Joaquim Rodrнguez (Katusha),
Samuel Sбnchez (Euskaltel-Euskadi).

Time Trial: Alberto Contador (Saxo Bank-Tinkoff Bank) & Jonathan Castroviejo (Movistar).

Italian World’s Team
Italian team manager; Paolo Bettini has picked his team for the World championships, his choice had to not include any riders who are under any doping investigations or who have ever been suspended for more than 3 month in the past. Bettini said he only had BMC’s Alejandro Ballan on his possible list that he could not pick.

Diego Ulissi (Lampre-ISD),
Luca Paolini (Katusha),
Rinaldo Nocentini (Ag2r-La Mondiale),
Oscar Gatto (Farnese Vini-Selle Italia),
Giacomo Nizzolo (RadioShack-Nissan),
Vincenzo Nibali (Liquigas-Cannondale),
Eros Capecchi (Liquigas-Cannondale),
Moreno Moser (Liquigas-Cannondale),
Matteo Trentin (Omega Pharma – Quick-Step),
Dario Cataldo (Omega Pharma – Quick-Step),
Marco Marcato (Vacansoleil-DCM).

Time Trial: Marco Pinotti (BMC) & Adriano Malori (Lampre-ISD).

No Elijah Favilli at the World’s
Elijah Favilli thought he would be riding in the Italian team in the Netherlands on September the 23rd. Instead he will stay at home, not by choice, but simply because he has been put out of action by his team and Farnese Vini team manager Angelo Citracca and sporting director Luca Scinto, reported Italian web-site Il Tirreno.

But what did Favilli do to be excluded from the Farnese Vini team and see his blue dream vanish? He told his director and manager, with his contract expiring, that he would not renew his signature because he was in talks with a ProTour team that offered him a higher figure and better professional prospects. Farnese’s response was explicit: stay out of the team and stop racing before the worlds. As if to say: “go stand in the corner, then maybe we’ll talk about it later.”

Favilli was very disappointed, so he told his story, which is not good publicity for the team: “Immediately after the third stage of the Giro di Padania in Merate, won by teammate Oscar Gatto. Citracca and Scinto swooped into my hotel room and said, this is the renewal of the contract, put your signature. I replied that I was not going to stay and that I had an offer from a ProTour team, so they told me to leave immediately the Giro di Padania, returning home on the train and that I was not racing up to the Worlds. A real retaliation to prevent me from answering the call to the “Azzurra” from national coach Paolo Bettini. Without any promises, Bettini had however made it clear that I had some good chances to be called.”

World’s German Team
After winning five stages of the Vuelta a Espaсa; John Degenkolb has the form to lead the German team in the World championships, whether or not the course will suit him is another question. Tony Martin will not be riding the road race, only the time trial, but he will be part of the Omega Pharma – Quick-Step squad for the team time trial the previous Sunday.

John Degenkolb (Argos-Shimano),
Marcus Burghardt (BMC),
Simon Geschke (Argos-Shimano),
Linus Gerdemann (RadioShack-Nissan),
Christian Knees (Sky),
Paul Martens (Rabobank),
Fabian Wegmann (Garmin-Sharp).

Time Trial: Tony Martin & Bert Grabsch (Omega Pharma – Quick-Step) and Patrick Gretsch (Argos-Shimano).

Belgian Team for the World Championships
As always the Belgians send a strong team, Tom Boonen and Philippe Gilbert are the protected riders, but a rider like Greg Van Avermaet could also pull of a surprise.

Tom Boonen (Omega Pharma – Quick-Step),
Kevin De Weert (Omega Pharma – Quick-Step),
Philippe Gilbert (BMC),
Stijn Vandenbergh (Omega Pharma – Quick-Step),
Bjцrn Leukemans (Vacansoleil-DCM),
Gianni Meersman (Lotto Belisol),
Jurgen Roelandts (Lotto Belisol),
Johan Vansummeren (Garmin-Sharp),
Greg Van Avermaet (BMC).

Vandenbergh Out Due to Injury
OPQS Teammate Devenyns to Replace as Belgian Reserve.

Press Release: Stijn Vandenbergh will not take the start at the UCI World Championship on Sunday, Sept. 23 because of a problem on his left knee, which requires treatment and a rest period. Dries Devenyns, Omega Pharma – Quick-Step teammate of Vandenbergh and Belgian National Team reserve, will replace Vandenbergh. Devenyns will join OPQS teammates Tom Boonen and Kevin De Weert on the Belgian squad.

“It’s a sad moment for me because it was a great season so far,” Vandenbergh said. “Worlds is one of the biggest events. I was looking forward to this, to help the team get a good result but now I can’t do it. It’s a hard moment, but when you defend your nation you have to be 100%, which is not the case now. In agreement with OPQS medical staff and Belgian National Team Coach Carlo Bomans, we made this decision. I hope to recover as best as possible to return to competition as soon as I can. I wish the best to the team for Worlds and hope Dries can make a great race, and be useful for the national team so they can get a good result at Worlds.”

“I’m happy to be selected for Worlds,” Devenyns said. “It’s a big goal. I want to do well on this parcour, it is good for me, so I think I can give a good contribution to the team. It’s a shame — life is strange because I take the place of Stijn, who is my teammate, but also a friend. I am sad for him and hope he can recover well. I will try to do my best for the national team, but also for Stijn. I am in good condition after the two races in Canada and I will also ride on Saturday at GP Impanis – Van Petegem. I want to put more kilometers into my legs before a big race like Worlds.”

RadioShack-Nissan World Championships Team Time Trial Team

Tony Gallopin,
Andreas Klцden,
Yaroslav Popovych,
Jesse Sergent,
Jens Voigt,
Haimar Zubeldia.
Director: Alain Gallopin.

ORICA-GreenEDGE and ORICA-AIS Name Team Time Trial World Championships Squads
Press Release: ORICA-GreenEDGE and ORICA-AIS have named their team time trial rosters for the Road World Championships in Holland. Both the men and women’s squads field a competitive roster capable of finishing on the podium.

“We had a few camps to allow us to determine the selection of our roster,” said Sports Director Matt White. “In the end, the team essentially selected itself. The six riders we have in Holland were all able to handle the workload that this challenge demands.”

Two national time trial champions are amongst the ORICA-GreenEDGE squad. Australian National Time Trial Champion Luke Durbridge and Canadian National Time Trial Champion Svein Tuft are joined by Cameron Meyer, Sam Bewley, Sebastian Langeveld and Jens Mouris.

The women’s team, ORICA-AIS, field an equally impressive roster with the World Time Trial Champion, Judith Arndt, set to lead a squad that counts Worlds time trial silver medalist Linda Villumsen and Australian National Time Trial Champion Shara Gillow amongst its ranks.

“Our preliminary roster includes Ardnt, Villumsen and Gillow joined by Alex Rhodes, Melissa Hoskins and Loes Gunnewijk,” said Sports Director Martin Barras. “Claudia Hдusler is the reserve rider. We will confirm our line-up after the Holland Tour mostly as a matter of health and injury.”

With only 11 riders at his disposal, Barras’ selection process was different that that employed by White. “We ran a week-long training camp last week with seven riders on the World Championships course,” he explained. “We worked on technique and identifying the limitations in which we have to work with each rider. As with the men’s team, our final selection came out of the training camp.”

Both White and Barras maintain that this particular team time trial poses unique challenges.
“This is a special course,” noted Barras. “Traditionally, team time trials are held over flatter, straighter circuits to allow teams to express sheer power. This course is almost the opposite. We face two substantial climbs, including the Cauberg, over a technical circuit. The tactics and techniques we need are different than what we’ve employed in other team time trials we’ve raced this year.”

“We’re looking at what will amount to a one hour effort for the men,” added White. “There are very few riders of this generation with experience racing team time trials of that distance. When included in races, most team time trials are 15-30 kilometers long. The length alone is a challenge. A lot of teams are struggling to put six guys into top condition for that type of effort at this time of year.”

With team time trial wins at Tirreno-Adriatico and Eneco Tour, ORICA-GreenEDGE has shown its strength and pride in this discipline. White expects the men’s team to podium and believes the win is within reach.

“If the guys ride to their ability, they will be right in the mix for the win,” said White. “We’re lucky to have a lot of talent for this discipline and we’ve planned well to keep riders fresh for this objective. The team has put forth significant effort in preparing for success.”

ORICA-AIS will take to the starthouse as the underdogs, having finished second to Specialized-lululemon in three match-ups throughout the season.

“Winning is a difficult but attainable task,” said Barras. “The reality is that in every major team time trial we’ve raced, we’ve come in second. We’ve done specific training, and we go into Worlds looking to close that gap further and open one on the other side.”

The team time trial returns to the World Championships after an 18-year absence and represents a unique opportunity for teams to showcase their winning ways.

“We would obviously see great honor in being the first trade team to win the World Team Time Trial Championships,” said White. “Winning would be a great way to cap off what has already been a stellar first year.”

Any excuse to see this again:

OPQS to TTT World Championships
Press Release: Omega Pharma – Quick-Step Cycling Team has announced the selection that will participate in the 53.2km UCI World TTT Championship on Sunday.

Tom Boonen, Tony Martin, Niki Terpstra, Kristof Vandewalle, Peter Velits and Sylvain Chavanel will participate in the TTT. The course features the Lange Raarberg and also the Bergesweg in Voerendaal. The finish also closely follows the Cauberg.

“This is the first time we had a race like this,” OPQS Sports Director Wilfried Peeters said of the TTT World Championships. “The riders are motivated. We did some specific training but it will be important that on Friday and Saturday, we will do more training on the parcour to tune up all of the duties and responsibilities of each rider — the perfect line, who takes the corners, who makes the final effort, things like that. It’s a very dynamic parcour with some tricky roundabouts, but also with some climbs. The Cauberg for the final will be really difficult. The team is good. The riders that are part of the team are really good and prepared for this race. In general I have a good feeling, and we are quite confident for the race. We have the ITT World Champion and German Champion in Tony Martin, a strong rider like Niki Terpstra, Tom Boonen who proved he is in very good condition at the moment and three other ITT national champions in Vandewalle, Peter Velits and Sylvai n Chavanel. Those three are in good condition and ready to fight for a solid result. Our goal is to get a spot on the podium.”

Rabobank Off to Team Time Trial in Orange
Press Release: With Limburg as the Championships backdrop, it will be nice to see the orange-clad team of six riders, five of whom are Dutchmen. The Rabobank Cycling Team will be full of confidence on the start line for the team time trial World Championships in Sittard-Geleen this coming Sunday. After solid classifications in the last few weeks, the team is looking ready; sports director Nico Verhoeven: “Top five is a realistic goal.”

The first team time trial world championship for sponsored teams is high on the list of priorities for many of the WorldTour teams. Such is the case for the Rabobank Cycling Team as well. After good finishes in this discipline in the Tour of Utah, the Eneco Tour, and in the Vuelta a Espaсa, team morale is very high, according to sports director Nico Verhoeven. “It gives the team a boost when you get those kinds of results. Overall, we’ve been living with the Championships for a while now. Everyone’s keen on a good result.”

The riders for this almost exclusively Dutch team have all undergone various forms of preparation. Three guys, Boom, Clement, and Gesink, rode in Spain, Kelderman and Sanchez in Canada, and Flens has been racing in races like Paris-Brussel. “We know that all these guys’ forms are good. The next few days will be all about getting the technical side down, to get the fellas all riding as one team. By that, I mean getting used to the line-up in the pace line, getting acquainted with the course, and so on. I have the utmost confidence, that top five is a realistic goal.”

Lars Boom,
Stef Clement,
Rick Flens,
Robert Gesink,
Wilco Kelderman,
Luis Leуn Sбnchez.
Reserve: Tom Leezer.

Contador and the Cava!
You might have missed the podium antics of Contador, Valverde and Rodriguez with the bubbly stuff. All harmless stuff, but the Gran Ducay podium girl got a bit more than she maybe wanted!

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