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EuroTrash Thursday!

Today’s EuroTrash Thursday is a World’s time trial fest, all the news from Firenze with Results and video action, just in case you missed anything. It looks like the dream rescue of the Euskaltel-Euskadi team is over, that’s the TOP STORY, plus all the other news we could get our hands on.

TOP STORY: All Over for Eusaltel-Euskadi
The sad news hit home on Monday morning with a flurry of press releases and twitters from all concerned. The first was from the old management of the Basque team stating that they “have devoted all his efforts to reach an agreement, putting everything on our part, without any restriction, either economically or whatsoever.”

They explained more: “Euskaltel representatives cannot hide their disappointment at the outcome of the negotiation process, after the expectations generated by the tentative agreement that was reached in late August and public statements made by Fernando Alonso and their representatives.

The tentative agreement reached by both parties on August 31 on the acquisition of the intended cycling team by Fernando Alonso. When no agreement is reached. Euskaltel is forced to return, sadly, to the orderly shutdown process and the project.

Euskaltel deeply regrets the occurrence of different information and leaks of false information that he does not contribute to solving or building, but quite the opposite.” We would like to explain the details of the negotiations in all honesty, but we cannot because we respect the confidentiality of the negotiations.”

Next up we had a Twitter from Fernando Alonso, including this statement:

“We’ve tried it until the end but it’s just been impossible to have a cycling team in 2014. My passion for this sport, my will to cooperate and to do my bit remains intact, so this is only the beginning of the future.

From tomorrow morning we are going to work on building, if needs be from scratch, a team we can be proud of. The best cycling team we can form, respecting this sport with humility. As you may have observed I’m quite tenacious, and above all, I love and value this sport a lot.

It possesses and transmits, as I said many times, values that I share: a set of values that I would like to help promote. Cycling and its fans deserve the best and now we have time on our side, time in which we’ll be very attentive to any circumstance that we can learn from and, above all, that can make us better for next year.

It wasn’t to be, but it will be! This adventure has only just begun. Let’s look for to 2015!”

So my question is; if everyone was trying so hard, why did it fall through? The answer to that question may never be known and all we can do is wait to see if Alonso keeps to his word for 2015. He has been here before, there was a shelved team idea a couple of years ago.

Remember it’s not just the riders who are out of a job, although some already have teams and other have contract that will be paid, it’s the all the other staff. Mechanics, bus drivers, helpers, masseurs, press staff and all the other people who make a team run smoothly who will have nothing.

A sad goodbye to the Basque project.


World Road Championships 2013

World Men Time Trial
Another exciting finalé to a World time trial championships as the tree top men in the world of time trialing battled over the roads of Tuscany. Tony Martin of Germany led from the start ramp to the finish line, but he didn’t have it all his own way as Fabian Cancellara matched him for the first half of the course before easing and losing his silver to a confident Bradley Wiggins.

At the first check (7.3K) Taylor Phinney (USA) was down by 2 seconds on fastest rider Sylvain Chavanel (Fra) and Bradley Wiggins (GB) at 3 seconds more. Fabian Cancellara (Swi) and Tony Martin (Ger) were on the same time with Cancellara a micro-second ahead.

Chavanel: 9:48.
Wiggins: 9:53.
Cancellara: 9:38.
Martin: 9:38.

The second check was after 24.9 kilometres; Vasil Kiryienka of Belarus had pushed his way past Chavanel for the fastest time of the “other” riders, but it was good enough to beat both Phinney and Wiggins, but Cancellara and Martin were flying with the German getting the edge.

Kiryienka: 28:01.
Wiggins: 28:05
Cancellara: 27:41.
Martin: 27:27.

42.3 kilometres for the third time check on the Via Pistoise in Firenze and outsider Rasmus Quaade of Denmark put up a new fast time, but again it was Kiryienka who topped the board. Martin was riding at a consistent speed; with Cancellara matching him at around 10 to 15 seconds down as Wiggins was lifting his speed.

Kiryienka: 48:26.
Wiggins: 48:05.
Cancellara: 47:53.
Martin: 47:24.

Vasil Kiryienka of Belarus put everything into his last meters for a brilliant time of 1:07:02.66. Britain’s Bradley Wiggins had lifted the pace and was closing on Cancellara as they neared the cobbles of the Duomo. Along by the river-side; Martin still smooth as Cancellara was out the saddle and looking like he was on his last legs as Wiggins and drew level. Taylor Phinnney came in with a disappointing 1:07:44 and Wiggins was nearly on his wheel putting in the fastest time with 1:06:22.74 and then Cancellara putting his back into it and sprinting for all he was worth to just loose to Wiggins by 2 seconds. Tony Martin rolled up to the line and without too much effort crossed the line holding three fingers in the air for yet another World time trial Rainbow Jersey.

The World Champion said: “I think it was a clear victory.” Tony Martin added: “It was really nice, I didn’t have to really take risks in the last corners. The last five kilometers were like a celebration for me because I knew I had an advantage of about 40 seconds. I didn’t expect the gap to be that big at all. I expected a battle on the cobbles. I was a little bit afraid of it, I know Cancellara is a specialist on the small corners with the cobbles, so I knew I needed some gaps. I think the gap was high enough, and so I didn’t have to go 100 percent and it was good to not take risks. I knew without a puncture or crash I should win. It was just a really nice final for me. I think it was really a perfect ride, from point A to B. I think it was more or less the same as my first worlds victory in Copenhagen. I think I really needed this because when you almost win everything in time trials that you could in the past, you need some pressure so you can go to the limit. This was the right pressure for me going into this race. I could work with it. I think this is really the highlight of the season. To win this highlight is really special, even more special than last year. It gives me a lot of morale also for the next season.”

World Men Time Trial Result:
1. Tony Martin (Germany) in 1:05:36.65
2. Bradley Wiggins (Great Britain) at 0:46.09
3. Fabian Cancellara (Switzerland) at 0:48.34
4. Vasil Kiryienka (Belarus) at 1:26.01
5. Taylor Phinney (United States) at 2:08.00
6. Rasmus Christian Quaade (Denmark) at 2:36.33
7. Marco Pinotti (Italy) at 2:41.92
8. Adriano Malori (Italy) at 2:51.07
9. Gustav Larsson (Sweden) at 2:58.47
10. Kanstantsin Siutsou (Belarus) at 2:59.54.

Flying Martin:

World Women Time Trial
After Annika Langvad (Denmark) took everyone by surprise with a terrific ride in the time of 28:27, the race was down to the favourite riders to lift their game (and speed) to depose the young mountain biker. Trixi Worrack (Germany) was first to knock the Dane off the top spot, then it was Carmen Small of the US on top. It looked like Small’s team mate; Evelyn Stevens would out do her, but she failed by 0:04 of a second. Dutch born New Zealander Linda Villumsen was running close the a winning time and she shot to the top, but the race favourite; Ellen Van Dijk had been the fastest rider from the start to the finish and her 47 kph ride came in with a time of 27:48.18.

This was Holland’s first women’s TT Rainbow Jersey since Leontien van Moorsel in Verona (1999) and you could tell from the Dutch fans in the finish area. It was a very happy Ellen Van Dijk who spoke after the finish saying: “I’m super happy. It’s difficult to describe how I feel now. I’m so excited because I dreamt so long of this one and the pressure was high to finish it off. It’s great to have won. My intention was to start fast but I wanted to keep going a bit longer than I did. I maybe got over excited and went too fast, but I maintained the time difference and so it was all ok.”

This is the Dutch girls’ second Gold medal in a couple of days as she was part of the Specialized-Lululemon Team Time Trial winning team on Sunday.

World Women Time Trial Result:
1. Ellen van Dijk (Netherlands) in 27:48.18
2. Linda Villumsen (New Zealand) at 0:24.10
3. Carmen Small (United States) at 0:28.74
4. Evelyn Stevens (United States) at 0:28.78
5. Trixi Worrack (Germany) at 0:31.66
6. Annika Langvad (Denmark) at 0:39.51
7. Olga Zabelinskaya (Russia) at 0:40.30
8. Ganna Solovey (Ukraine) at 0:42.48
9. Tatiana Antoshina (Russia) at 0:42.57
10. Emma Johansson (Sweden) at 0:52.98.

The Women’s race:

World Men Under 23 Time Trial
Of the early starters the Belgian’s were riding well Yves Lampaert and then Frederik Frison recorded the fastest times at the 9.7K time check. Yves Lampaert was first man home in a time of 52:27.63, he had caught Viktor Okshev of Kazakhstan out on the course and although he was the first finisher his time stood for a long time. Next to take over the lead was Stefan Kueng (Swi) in the new fastest time of 51:36.72. Frison had slowed since his fastest 1st time check and put up a time of 52:21.52.

Lawson Craddock had fallen in the last kilometres and was blooded all down his left side with a ripped skin suit; he had lost some time, although he still managed the fastest ride with 51:31.35. He couldn’t take his place in the hot seat due to receiving medical treatment to his substantial injuries; the magic spray was not giving him much comfort.

Out on the course Frenchman Yoann Paillot had posted the new fastest 1st time check (9.7K) with 10:47, next through was Ryan Mullen of Ireland who was second fastest at 10:52. Australian hope Campbell Flakemore came through the 1st check with a new best time of 10:46.62 at an average speed of 54 kph.

Paillot came through the 2nd time check fastest so far in 31:41.17 and was on a storming ride as the last man off; Lasse Norman Hansen of Denmark kicked out of the start gate and at 9.7K the Dane was the fastest. Flakemore was second fastest at 28 kilometres and next was Damien Howson (Aus) with 31:04.88 to go fastest and there was only Lasse Norman Hansen to come through and he was faster than Paillot, but with 31.37 he was slower than Howson.

Yoann Paillot stamped up to the line for a new leaders time of 50:47.08, Ryan Mullen pushed close with his time if 51:37.06, but it wasn’t good enough for a podium place. Flakemore couldn’t push Paillot of the top seat with 51:12.27, it was good enough for second, but there was still Howson and Hansen to come in.

Damien Howson sprinted up the finish straight for the new leader’s time with 49:49.97 and collapsed over the line. Lasse Norman Hansen came into the last kilometre, but it was obvious that he was too slow to take the win, but the storming Dane did enough for the bronze medal with a time of 51:00.01 and France’s Yoann Paillot took the silver.

World Men U23 Time Trial Result:
1. Damien Howson (Australia) in 49:49.97
2. Yoann Paillot (France) at 0:57.11
3. Lasse Norman Hansen (Denmark) at 1:10.13
4. Campbell Flakemore (Australia) at 1:22.30
5. Lawson Craddock (United States) at 1:41.38
6. Stefan Kueng (Switzerland) at 1:46.75
7. Ryan Mullen (Ireland) at 1:47.09
8. Victor Campenaerts (Belgium) at 1:47.71
9. Daniil Fominykh (Kazakhstan) at 2:05.73
10. Eduardo Sepulveda (Argentina) at 2:10.55.

Under 23 TT:

World Junior Men Time Trial
17 year old Belgian Igor Decraene dominated the Junior Time Trail Championships on Tuesday morning being the fastest rider from start to finish. His eventual winning time of 26:56.8 was more that 8 seconds good enough to beat Mathais Krigbaum of Denmark. American Zeke Mostov took the bronze medal 21 seconds down on the Belgian. The flying Belgian covered the 22 kilometres at an average speed of 48.5 kilometres per hour.

World Junior Men Time Trial Result:
1. Igor Decraene (Belgium) in 26:56.80
2. Mathias Krigbaum (Denmark) at 0:08.66
3. Zeke Mostov (United States) at 0:20.97
4. Joshua Stritzinger (Germany) at 0:23.64
5. Matthew Gibson (Great Britain) at 0:30.16
6. Ole Forfang (Norway) at 0:44.21
7. Corentin Ermenault (France) at 0:44.40
8. Dmitriy Rive (Kazakhstan) at 0:46.24
9. Nikolay Cherkasov (Russian) at 0:49.87
10. Michael Dessau (United States) at 0:53.16.

Igor Decraene of Belgium:
Firenze - Florence - Italia - wielrennen - cycling - radsport -

Junior Women Time Trial
Junior Women’s individual time trial was won by French girl; Severine Eraud, beating two Australians, Alexandria Nicholls and Alexandra Manly over the 15.49 kilometre course. Eraud is the European champion and covered the course in 22:42 and was surprised with the win as he had been well down on Nicholls at the intermediate time check, in fact 13.5 seconds and in fourth place. The young French girl pulled back her deficit and put a further 2 seconds into Nicolls for the Rainbow jersey.

World Junior Woman Time Trial Result:
1. Severine Eraud (France) in 22:42.60
2. Alexandria Nicholls (Australia) at 0:02.69
3. Alexandra Manly (Australia) at 0:08.17
4. Zavinta Titenyte (Lithuania) at 0:11.49
5. Anastasiia Iakovenko (Russian) at 0:13.05
6. Demi De Jong (Netherlands) at 0:14.11
7. Kelly Catlin (United States) at 0:20.72
8. Floortje Mackaij (Netherlands) at 0:21.04
9. Kinley Gibson (Canada) at 0:22.81
10. Luisa Kattinger (Germany) at 0:23.47.

Junior Women’s TT:

2014 Giro to start on a Friday!
Due to the Giro d’Italia starting in Ireland next year it will start on a Friday and will have an extra rest day so the race can travel back to Italy. So on Friday the 9th May the race will probably start with a team time trial in Belfast, and then a stage to start and finish in Belfast before stage 3 will be from Armagh to Dublin, followed by the rest/travel day on the Monday. Normally Grand Tours are not allowed to have a rest day in the first week, but Professional Cycling Council has given the Giro special dispensation due to the Irish start. The complete route will be unveiled in Milan on October the 7th.

Giro d’Italia to Start in Ireland in 2014 by Global Cycling Network:

No More Pinarello for Unzué
After many years the Italian frame manufacturer Pinarello will not be ridden by rider of team manager Eusebio Unzué. Going way back to before Miguel Indurain won his five Tour’s de France, Unzué’s riders have been on Pinarello, and from Reynolds though Banesto to Illes Balears, Caisse d’Epargne and now Movistar, it’s always been on the Italian brand. The team will announce which bike they will ride in 2014 on Sunday.

Team Movistar’s Pinarello Dogma 65.1 Think 2 by Global Cycling Network:

No Team for Bakelants
Jan Bakelants has announced in the Belgian newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen that he had made a verbal agreement with the Alonso team, but of course that has fallen through. He had been offered a contract by his present team; RadioShack Leopard, soon to become Trek, but due to his Tour de France stage win and yellow jersey wearing that he had stalled any agreement. He may still sign for Trek, but also Omega Pharma – Quick-Step has shown an interest in him or Thomas De Gendt from Vacansoleil-DCM.

Where for De Gendt?
Thomas De Gendt also thought he might go to the Alonso team and also hopes that his manager at Vacansoleil-DCM; Hiilaire Van der Scheuren gets a team together. After a good year in 2012 with 3rd in the Giro, he has had a bad 2013 with a very low finish at the Tour de France and a disqualification at the Vuelta a España. Saxo Bank have also been mentioned.

Four riders prolong their contract with Lotto Belisol
Press Release: Four names can be added to the list of riders who prolong their contract with Lotto Belisol. Gert Dockx stays two more years. Olivier Kaisen, Tosh Van der Sande and Jonas Van Genechten signed for one extra season. The 25-year-old Dockx, who rides for the team since 2011, took his first pro victory in the Tour of Gabon where he won stage three. Four days later he won the final stage as well. He fractured his elbow and collarbone in the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad. Via the Tour of Turkey he was ready in time for the Giro.

For new dad Olivier Kaisen, a valued helper and man for the long break, it’s the eighth season in the Lotto team. That way Oli is the man who rides the longest for this team. The 30-year-old cyclist has now prolonged his stay with one more year. Just like tosh Van der Sande, who became pro at the team last year. At 22 he has just participated in his first Grand Tour: the Vuelta. Van der Sande is suited for an Ardennes course, in 2011 he won Liège – Bastogne – Liège U23. Next to that he also has fast legs. Then there is 27-year-old Jonas Van Genechten. It’s his second season in the team, which offered him his first pro contract. Van Genechten won his first race for Lotto Belisol this year, the Grand Prix Pino Cerami.

Silin for Katusha
Egor Silin will be riding for Katusha again after two years with Astana. He will be joined by two young Russian rider; Alexander Rybakov and Pavel Kochetkov, both from the ProConti RusVelo team.

No Tiernan-Locke at the Worlds
British Cycling has confirmed that Jonathan Tiernan-Locke has withdrawn from the Great Britain team selected for the Men’s Elite Road Race at the UCI Road World Championships. He will be replaced by Luke Rowe.

British Cycling has also announced the six riders who will represent Great Britain in the Under 23 men’s race on Friday – they are: Simon Yates, Adam Yates, Jon Dibben, Owain Doull, Joe Perrett and Ali Slater.

No Meersman and Devenyns at the Worlds
The two Omega Pharma – Quick-Step riders; Gianni Meersman and Dries Devenyns will not be lining up at the start of the World road race championships on Sunday with the Belgian team. Instead Serge Pauwels (Omega Pharma – Quick-Step) and Maxim Montfort (RadioShack Leopard). Meersman was ill at the GP Impanis last Saturday and has been diagnosed with gastroenteritis.

Chris Horner Releases Bio-passport Results
The oldest Grand Tour winner in history has released the data of his biological passport on his personal web-site. He already makes his power data public through his partnership with SRM, the power meter people. He releases all the results from his tests going back to 2008, 39 tests in total, 7 are from 2013 and 4 of which were during the Vuelta a España, plus 1 two days before the start. If you want to take a look it’s all here in his web-site.

One of Chris Horner’s great Vuelta interviews in Spanglish:

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