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EuroTrash Thursday!

We’ve only had two stages of la Vuelta a Espaсa since Monday, but what crazy exciting stages we have been honoured to witness. The Rodriguez/Contador battle looked to be over, but then Alberto threw the gauntlet down and we had a new race leader. If you missed and of the action (how could you), we have it all here. The Tour of Britain and the Canadian Classics are on soon followed by the Worlds. It’s all in EuroTrash Thursday!

“Top Story”
How good can a Grand Tour be? Well, just look at this year’s Vuelta a Espaсa, day after day of excitement and now a big surprise. I think most people had accepted that Joaquim Rodriguez had won his and the Katusha teams first National Tour, he came so close at the Giro d’Italia, but he did show us his explosive climbing on short steep climbs at the end of a stage. Then we looked at the course of this year’s Spanish Tour and there was lots of summit finishes, just the sort that would suit “Purito” and there was only one time trial which had a climb, also suiting Rodriguez and not Alberto Contador and Chris Froome. Up until Wednesday the plan was going great for the little Catalan and then Contador put his winning plan into action, which Alejandro Valverde followed. Then we have an up-set, Contador is in the lead, Valverde is second and Rodriguez is wondering what happened.

That said; we are not in Madrid yet!

Vuelta a Espaсa 2012
Monday’s Stage 16 was another grand battle between the top men of the Vuelta. A two man break of Thomas de Gendt (Vacansoleil-DCM) and Dario Cataldo (Omega Pharma-Quick Step) escaped the bunch after the first climb with around 140 kilometres still to ride and two 1st CAT and the above category summit finish of the Cuitu Negru with its 22% slopes. Cataldo won the stage, struggling to keep up-right on the toughest of climbs. Rodriguez (Katusha), Contador (Saxo Bank-Tinkoff Bank) and Valverde (Movistar) took their time before attacking the race on the final climb. Chris Froome (Sky) had a bad day and lost 2:30 on Rodriguez. Contador tried his best to make the split form Rodriguez, but in the end he couldn’t shake him off and “Purito” jumped him at the end of the stage. Valverde had his team mate Quintana to pace him back to the other two on many occasions and to limit his losses. It looks like Joaquim Rodriguez will win this Vuelta, but there are still two hard stages to go before Madrid.

“I am really super happy,” stage winner Cataldo said of his victory. “I won the Queen stage. It was a long break with a great rider as De Gendt. I am improving day by day, and really looking forward to the next stages and — why not — to really try and do something good at the Tour of Lombardy, the last objective of my season. To be honest, I would also like to be a part of the Italian National Team in Valkenburg. It’s a dream, but I will work for it and hope my effort will be repaid.”

“I’m thrilled with the race we are doing” Alberto Contador and team Saxo Bank-Tinkoff Bank yesterday gave a great cyclist show, something that Alberto wanted to highlight in his statements. “We tried, but regardless of the result and that Joaquin is very strong, I am very happy with the race we are doing both my team and myself. I think we are giving colour and excitement to this race so far.” Contador said that there is still a week of race, “especially”, he said, “at the Bola del Mundo. True, Joaquin is very strong, but we tried again, we have tightened the race and we have to be happy with the work”. In addition, he was also pleased with the feelings he had. “Today I had better legs and I’ve tried, but I wish there was a rainy day, which I’m doing pretty well. We are having an extraordinary weather for the Vuelta, but not the rain which I use as an ally.” Finally, Alberto thanked all the fans for the support they give each day. “Thanks to all the people who have come here,” he said, “because they move me when we are going up here. It was a real spectacle.”

Both Gesink and Laurens Ten Dam found the final climb to be a little over the top. Gesink: “That final climb is indeed a hellish climb. The Angliru is also very steep, but nevertheless more regular. The last three kilometres were horrible. That was even steeper than the Angrilu. You would almost roll off your bicycle.” Laurens ten Dam would have passed it. “It might be great for the spectators but not for the climbers. When I was going back down, I still saw guys going up. It was an incredible sight, it was so horribly steep. For the first time in my life I used a compact. You really needed towards the end. This wasn’t fun anymore. I was in the ‘paincave’. It was awful. You’re hoping to get to the top as quick as possible, but it’s going so awfully slow. Usually it takes three minutes to finish when there are only three kilometres left. This time it took a quarter of an hour.”

“That was such a hard climb,” said Chris Froome to his Sky Team web-site. “I’m struggling to think about what I can compare it to. There are not many stages that you do which finish up a climb that is 20km long and the last 4km is an average of almost 20%. I don’t think the screen or TV can do that justice. It really is a gruelling climb. There was a stage with about 150 metres to go where I looked at the ramp ahead of me and thought ‘I might have to walk up there’!”

Vuelta a Espaсa Stage 16 Result:
1. Dario Cataldo (Ita) Omega Pharma – Quick-Step in 5:18:28
2. Thomas De Gendt (Bel) Vacansoleil-DCM at 0:07
3. Joaquim Rodriguez Oliver (Spa) Katusha at 2:39
4. Alberto Contador Velasco (Spa) Saxo Bank-Tinkoff Bank at 2:41
5. Alejandro Valverde Belmonte (Spa) Movistar at 2:58
6. Nairo Alexander Quintana Rojas (Col) Movistar at 3:24
7. Igor Anton Hernandez (Spa) Euskaltel-Euskadi at 4:07
8. Andrew Talansky (USA) Garmin-Sharp at 4:15
9. Laurens Ten Dam (Ned) Rabobank at 4:18
10. Robert Gesink (Ned) Rabobank at 4:21.

Vuelta a Espaсa Overall After Stage 16:
1. Joaquim Rodriguez Oliver (Spa) Katusha in 63:38:24
2. Alberto Contador Velasco (Spa) Saxo Bank-Tinkoff Bank at 0:28
3. Alejandro Valverde Belmonte (Spa) Movistar at 2:04
4. Christopher Froome (GB) Sky at 4:52
5. Daniel Moreno Fernandez (Spa) Katusha at 6:58
6. Robert Gesink (Ned) Rabobank at 7:28
7. Andrew Talansky (USA) Garmin.Sharp at 8:28
8. Laurens Ten Dam (Ned) Rabobank at 9:00
9. Igor Anton Hernandez (Spa) Euskaltel-Euskadi at 9:11
10. Nicolas Roche (Irl) Ag2r-La Mondiale at 11:44.

Stage 16:

Some Tuesday Rest Day Comments:

The Red Jersey Wearing Joaquim Rodriguez:
The Vuelta a Espaсa leader was quite confident at his rest day press conference; “there’s still four important days left and that’s why we’ve got to pay attention to the slightest detail, there’s not much time difference between the two of us (28 seconds), but it’s in my favour and if we go on like this, then I’ve got a very good chance of winning the Vuelta.” The Katusha rider still has concerns for the final stages, saying “in the last week there are always some dangerous situations, attacks when you least expect them and the Bola del Mundo could be a surprise.”

What about his present fitness, it must be the best of his career? “I’m in a very good place right now, and I have to thank my team for that. They know how to keep me calm and after the Giro they told me to focus on the Vuelta and only on the Vuelta. I did a lot of work on my time trialling, and I suffered so much in the Tour of Burgos, I told them I had no idea what kind of condition I’d have in the Vuelta.”

What about racing against Contador? “It’s not easy to follow Alberto at the speed he goes when he attacks on the climbs, if it was the other way round I’d go a lot slower. Often I’ve suffered a lot to get on his wheel when he accelerates, and the worst time was at Lagos de Covandonga, all I think when he attacks is if I can hold on like grim death, I will, even if I blow afterwards. There’s no point in me doing anything but winning now, I’ve finished on enough podiums already.”

What are his plans for after la Vuelta? “I want to stay focussed on my racing and the Worlds; this year has a good route for me. Other favourites, from what I can see here in the Vuelta, will be the Dutch and Philippe Gilbert.”

And the Tour de France? “That depends on the route. I have to look at it very carefully. But if I could get a podium finish on all three Tours, or lead all three, that would something very special for my career.”

How does he feel about beating Contador? “It would be something very important. He’s never lost a Grand Tour except the Tour de France in 2011 when he had a couple of bad crashes. Beating him would be something spectacular. I keep on expecting Contador to beat me. Finishing second behind Contador isn’t like finishing a race behind a Nobody, it’s a great achievement.”

Alberto Contador Press Conference:
“My head does not think of anything other than trying to win” Alberto Contador held a press conference on the second rest day of the Vuelta a Espaсa. The leader of Saxo Bank-Tinkoff Bank responded to questions from reporters and said that, despite the good form of Joaquim Rodriguez, he trusts his chances for victory in the third week of the race, which has one particularly hard stage, the Bola del Mundo. Contador said to be in the Vuelta “is an enormous satisfaction and pride. Reminds me of the important stages of the Tour de France, in Belgium and Germany, for the amount of people. I’m proud to have the opportunity to live this experience.”

What is more important, that you’re not at 100% or Purito is the best of his career?
“There are many factors that influence the outcome. Obviously my form is not the same as other times, because when you attack and give continuity is when you make the difference. Maybe I lack punch, but we must also recognize that Joaquim is impressive, is going very strong and it’s very hard for me. I have to congratulate him.”

With a final time trial, as in other big Tours, you would now be favourite, would you like one last time trial in this race?
“It is not that, but it is true that there have only been a total of 13.5 km of flat time trial in this race. However, the Vuelta parcours is for everyone and is better not to think more about it.”

You tried in many ways, what else can you do?
“It’s complicated because there is not a lot of terrain left, as in the Tour of 2011, with mountain stages and time trial in the last week. In the Vuelta there are not such possibilities and I missed one thing, a climb to attack from afar and to be braver. But the Bola del Mundo is still there and we’ll try.”

How do you feel in this situation to pursue the leader?
“It is not true, is him that is pursuing me … But it’s normal, I’m in second place, although I would be in front, but well, I know how hard it is to win.”

So far the only big Tour back that you lost is the Tour 2011, do you feel now as then?
“I will give everything I have, because I have a way to ride and I cannot change it. In my head does not pass anything other than trying to win.”

When you attacked you looked back ever, have you felt despair seeing Purito always in your wheel?
“No, for me it’s an extra motivation because when my legs hurt, I know that Purito’s hurts too.”

If you had more competition, a normal season, would you be the favourite now?
“I hate to make excuses, but it is true that in the first 10 days I lost time when I would not normally lost, as in Jaca and Barcelona, if I had known finish better, but the Vuelta is a sum of all stages and we have to go on.”

What will be your program after the Vuelta a Espaсa?
“It depends on several things. My major goals are the Worlds, both road race and time trial, and Italian races, especially Lombardy. Then there is the race of China, which is in the World Tour. If my points are worth anything to the team I’ll go, but if not, I would better save strength for next year.”

Bart De Clercq (Lotto Belisol): “We had three very rough days, yesterday being the worst. Today I only will train one hour to loosen up and especially – what else – rest. My legs still feel very good, though everyone feels the tiredness of two weeks racing. But still I don’t feel empty or weakened compared to the other riders. And luckily I avoided the virus that spread around and knocked out some of our riders.”

“My current 14th place is a bit unexpected, because I had everything but a normal preparation. After my collapsed lung, I had to do calm for about four weeks and condition had to grow step by step, in order not make it happen again. Before the Vuelta I went on a training camp for one week, but at the start my condition still was unclear.”

“Up to now I haven’t had a bad day yet and normally I can cope well with the hard races. Bad weather conditions sometimes might influence my performances, but I have no fear. I might get a bit close in the GC, but the gap with the top 10 is almost two minutes, with only two races to go in which a difference can be made.”

“Maybe I feel fitter because of smaller amount of racing days and I might have grown during the Vuelta. Where others might be exhausted, I still might have some reserve. My routine is a big advantage. When I was down 10 minutes in the GC, we were alert to break away in big flight, but it wasn’t going to cost me ten extra minutes.”

“When I can keep this result in Madrid, I will be very happy and might count this as an alternative for the Giro. I have to be a healthy prospect to become better each year. I notice that the gap with the other riders in the mountains has closed a bit and that will be a working point for the future, but it’s a long term project.”

The Euskaltel Euskadi cycling team enjoys Tuesday’s second rest day of the Tour of Spain in Comillas. The nine riders rose at ten and had breakfast calmly, at half past eleven they were down to roll through the area for an hour and a half. Following exercise, the menu of the day was: rest, lunch, nap, massage and rest until dinner.

After training, Igor Anton, ranked ninth overall, noted that “the entire squad needs this second day of rest, the accumulation of 16 stages and the last three have been harsh. For me, possibly the Cuitu Negru was the most challenging of my career,” he stated.

Looking ahead to the remainder of the Vuelta, the leader of Euskaltel Euskadi explained that “the challenge is to advance up the General Classification, although I know it’s hard. Yesterday I won a place and time over the other rivals, but not much. If I can get seventh I’ll be happy, because I’m giving all I have. If I finish ninth with the same attitude, I will also feel good. The team has been with me every day, working well and I have to be always up front, ride well and be grateful for the work, “he remarked.

“I always ask more of myself, I would have liked to have progressed a little more. I think I’ve prepared for the Tour better than ever, but sometimes things do not go perfectly, as one wishes. I’ve been training in Sierra Nevada, have competed in Switzerland, Poland and Burgos … I’ve done everything with care but I have missed something that is difficult to achieve. I think I’m good … It is true that sometimes I have been better, but every year is different and does not always go as expected, so it’s up to the fight,” he confessed.

The BMC Kitchen
The BMC team has their “Rolling Kitchen” at the Vuelta a Espaсa and as it’s the rest day they have given us a tour of the food truck:

Stage 17 was incredible, Alberto Contador (Saxo Bank-Tinkoff Bank) turned a 28 second deficit on Joaquim Rodriguez (Katasha) into a 1 minute 52 second lead over Alejandro Valerie (Movistar) and 2:28 over Rodriguez. About 50 kilometres were covered in the first hour and no breaks were allowed to go. Eventually after 80 kilometres a break of 11 riders managed to go up the road, but when they hit the Collado de Ozalba with less than 70 kilometres to go it all started to go wrong. This put a bigger group of 18 riders up front, including thee of Contador’s team mates, plus ex-team mate and friend; Paolo Tiralongo, Valverde had two and Rodriguez had none. Next on the Collado le Hoz, Contador attacked and crossed to the break and put the hammer down and by the start of the final climb to the finish in Fuente Dй, Contador had 2 minutes on Rodriguez and Valverde had shown “Purito” his rear wheel and was on his way towards Alberto. Contador had been riding with Tiralongo, once he had burnt his team mates off, and when they hit the climb the Saxo Bank leader knew he had to go solo to the finish. At the line; Contador had 6 seconds on Valverde and 2:38 on Rodriguez. It was an emotional Alberto Contador who thanked his team, his family, his fans and just about everyone. Just when we thought the 2012 Vuelta was over it throws up another day of excitement.

“I’ve taken all risks. Many people would say I was going from too far out, but I knew I had to try. I’m not at my best”, said Alberto Contador, “but I really wanted to do it, because a second place is good, but you always have to win. Today we have taken an important step.” Alberto wanted to dedicate the victory of the stage “to everyone who has been there all this time, my family, my wife, my friends and all the fans who are accompanying us in this Vuelta.” And he recognized that this was one of the best wins of his career. “It is really important, few people bet on me to win and although it’s still not been achieved, I have taken an important step. And I think there’s something else to celebrate, that the Vuelta a Espaсa is impressive and is returning to the level it once was.”

“It’s been crazy”, said Contador, “but also it has been possible because the forces are already fair. And I want to thank”, he added, “my team, all my team mates, Nicki, Toso, Benja, Paulinho, Bruno, Dani, Rafal and Jesus, and all the staff, that have supported me to the maximum. Thanks to them I’m here now.”

As for what happened in the race, Alberto admitted to being “a bit kamikaze. First we climbed Ozalba and I saw people with little force. And then on the Collado de la Hoz a group went ahead with three team mates and then I said on the radio ‘full gas’ and I went convinced, just like in Alpe D’Huez in the 2011. Then it was just a matter of riding.” But it was a deliberate strategy. “When I started, I had thought to try in the last 3 kilometres, but when I attacked a devil was telling me ‘attack’, and an angel on the other side was telling me to be careful … But I decided to attack”, said Alberto. He also particularly thanked “Tiralongo for his work, he is a great friend and he has given me a big hand.”

Laurens ten Dam (Rabobank) watched the struggle heat up too, but he was not able to hang with it. “We haven’t been able to ride with Contador, Rodriguez, and Valverde for two weeks, and we can’t now either. After that, things went tolerably well for us. Ten Dam came in 15th on the stage at 4:05 behind Contador, and since he managed to keep Andrew Talansky behind him, Ten Dam moved up a spot in the GC. “Bauke waited for me on the final climb and put in tremendous work for me.” I was worried that Intxausti was going to pass me, but that never happened. It was pure instinct today to ride out of that little group up a climb on which it’s normally not doable. But I was lucky to have Bauke in front of me and doing a lot work. So it ended up being a good day again for me.”

On the way to the hotel, Gorka Verdugo (Euskaltel-Euskadi) stated that “it was a tremendous day, frightening. We did not stop; even a meter and it became a tough stage.” When riding with Valverde and Henao, the Navarran explained that “in a kilometre and a half we saw that Contador was close. Valverde had stopped pulling and I could not help. I needed to recover to play my cards, which were not many more than to attack from afar. I’m not as fast as Valverde or Henao and could not wait until the last minute.” Verdugo was looking towards the Bola del Mundo: “I went in 2010, but did not do much. I Imagine that this Saturday will be different,” concluded Gorka.

Vuelta a Espaсa Stage 17 Result:
1. Alberto Contador Velasco (Spa) Saxo Bank-Tinkoff Bank in 4:29:20
2. Alejandro Valverde Belmonte (Spa) Movistar at 0:06
3. Sergio Luis Henao Montoya (Col) Sky
4. Gorka Verdugo Marcotegui (Spa) Euskaltel-Euskadi
5. Rinaldo Nocentini (Ita) Ag2r-La Mondiale at 0:19
6. Jan Bakelants (Bel) Radioshack-Nissan at 0:55
7. Benat Intxausti Elorriaga (Spa) Movistar at 1:13
8. Alexandre Geniez (Fra) Argos-Shimano at 1:40
9. Paolo Tiralongo (Ita) Astana at 2:13
10. Joaquim Rodriguez Oliver (Spa) Katusha at 2:38
11. Jesus Hernandez Blazquez (Spa) Saxo Bank-Tinkoff Bank
12. Nairo Alexander Quintana Rojas (Col) Movistar
13. Arnold Jeannesson (Fra) FDJ-BigMat at 3:03
14. Damiano Cunego (Ita) Lampre-ISD at 3:18
15. Laurens Ten Dam (Ned) Rabobank at 4:05
16. Mikel Landa Meana (Spa) Euskaltel-Euskadi at 4:17
17. Przemyslaw Niemiec (Pol) Lampre-ISD at 4:48
18. Andrew Talansky (USA) Garmin-Sharp
19. Gianni Meersman (Bel) Lotto Belisol
20. Robert Gesink (Ned) Rabobank.

Vuelta a Espaсa Overall After Stage 17:
1. Alberto Contador Velasco (Spa) Saxo Bank-Tinkoff Bank in 68:07:54
2. Alejandro Valverde Belmonte (Spa) Movistar at 1:52
3. Joaquim Rodriguez Oliver (Spa) Katusha at 2:28
4. Christopher Froome (GB) Sky at 9:40
5. Daniel Moreno Fernandez (Spa) Katusha at 11:36
6. Robert Gesink (Ned) Rabobank at 12:06
7. Laurens Ten Dam (Ned) Rabobank at 12:55
8. Andrew Talansky (USA) Garmin-Sharp at 13:06
9. Igor Anton Hernandez (Spa) Euskaltel-Euskadi at 13:49
10. Benat Intxausti Elorriaga (Spa) Movistar at 14:10
11. Gorka Verdugo Marcotegui (Spa) Euskaltel-Euskadi at 15:54
12. Nicolas Roche (Irl) Ag2r-La Mondiale at 16:22
13. Tomasz Marczynski (Pol) Vacansoleil-DCM at 17:11
14. Sergio Luis Henao Montoya (Col) Sky at 18:07
15. Maxime Monfort (Bel) Radioshack-Nissan at 18:12
16. Bart De Clercq (Bel) Lotto Belisol at 18:18
17. Przemyslaw Niemiec (Pol) Lampre-ISD at 19:13
18. Winner Anacona Gomez (Col) Lampre-ISD at 20:08
19. Rinaldo Nocentini (Ita) Ag2r-La Mondiale at 20:24
20. Maxime Bouet (Fra) Ag2r-La Mondiale at 28:13.

Stage 17 highlights by Unipublicvuelta.

Endura Tour of Britain Squad Announced
Press Release: Endura Racing have confirmed their squad for the 2012 Tour of Britain, which starts in Ipswich this Sunday.

Ian Bibby (UK),
Iker Camaсo (Spain),
Jon Tiernan-Locke (UK),
Paul VoЯ (Germany),
Russell Downing (UK),
Zak Dempster (Australia).

Profiles and race results for each rider are available on our website – https://www.enduraracing.com/Dept.aspx?dept_id=1.

The team go into the race after a phenomenally successful season, with over 40 stage, team and overall victories so far on the continent and at home. The team are the highest ranked Continental outfit in the UCI Europe Tour rankings in 7th place and Jon Tiernan-Locke is now in 3rd place in the rider rankings. The riders have recently returned home after a high altitude training camp in the Pyrenees to hone their form for the 9th edition of Endura’s home tour.

Tour of Britain Preview Video
This year’s Tour of Britain looks set to be the biggest and best ever edition of Britain’s national tour. Team Sky and five other UCI WorldTour teams will take on the best British-based riders and teams, with stages in England, Scotland and Wales.

Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins and world champion Mark Cavendish lead the Team Sky line-up, with Italy’s Ivan Basso (Liquigas-Cannondale), Beijing Olympic champion Samuel Sanchez (Euskaltel-Euskadi) and Tyler Farrar (Garmin-Sharp) also set to compete on British roads.

Tour of Britain stage 1 preview by IGMarketsCycling.

British Cycling Announces Team for UCI Road World Championships
Press Release: British Cycling has today announced the long-list of riders from which the final team will be selected to represent GB at the 2012 UCI Road World Championships taking place in Limburg, The Netherlands from 15 – 23 September.

Performance Director Dave Brailsford said: “Once again we find ourselves in a very fortunate position of having a strong pool of riders across the board from which we can select the final team nearer the time. Brad has opted out of riding the Time Trial at the Worlds; this year’s focus for him has been fully on the Tour de France and the Olympics, so to expect him to hold form going into the Worlds is a big ask.”

Elite Men – Road Race (9 to start)
Adam Blythe
Mark Cavendish
Steve Cummings
Alex Dowsett
Andy Fenn
Chris Froome
Peter Kennaugh
Jeremy Hunt
Luke Rowe
Ian Stannard
Ben Swift
Jon Tiernan-Locke
Geraint Thomas
Bradley Wiggins

Elite Men – Time Trial (2 to start)
Alex Dowsett
Chris Froome
Geraint Thomas

Elite Women – Road Race (7 to start)
Lizzie Armitstead
Hannah Barnes
Katie Colclough
Nicole Cooke
Catherine Hare
Nikki Harris
Dani King
Sharon Laws
Emma Pooley
Joanna Rowsell
Emma Trott
Laura Trott

Elite Women – Time Trial (2 to start)
Wendy Houvenaghel
Sharon Laws
Emma Pooley
Julia Shaw

U23 Men – Road Race (3 to start)
Mike Cuming
Josh Edmondson
Richard Handley
Ali Slater
Scott Thwaites
Simon Yates

U23 Men – Time Trial (2 to start)
George Atkins
Sam Harrison
Joe Perrett

Junior Men – Road Race (6 to start)
Germain Burton
Hugh Carthy
Jon Dibben
Tao Geoghegan Hart
Ed Laverack
Chris Lawless
Chris Latham
Sam Lowe
Harry Tanfield
Alex Peters
Will Stephenson
Oliver Wood

Junior Men – Time Trial (2 to start)
Jon Dibben
Tao Geoghegan Hart

Junior Women – Road Race (5 to start)
Elinor Barker
Lucy Garner
Emily Kay
Amy Roberts
Jessie Walker
Molly Weaver

Junior Women – Time Trial (2 to start)
Elinor Barker
Amy Roberts

The final team selection will be announced in due course. There is a Team Time Trial for UCI teams – selection for this will be made by the UCI teams.

Cav wins 2011:

Italian Team for the Worlds
The Italian team for the Elite World road championships in Limburg will be made up of riders who are not involved in any on-going doping investigations or had previous suspensions. This rules out quite a few top Italian riders. Italian coach Paolo Bettini will make the final decision on the team after Giro di Padania and the Grand Prix Cycliste de Quйbec and Montreal.

Probable Riders:
Vincenzo Nibali,
Eros Capecchi,
Eliva Favilli,
Oscar Gatto,
Moreno Moser,
Rinaldo Nocentini,
Luca Paolini,
Diego Ulissi.

Adriano Malori and Marco Pinotti will ride the individual time trial.

Ballan back in 2008, a good day for Italy:

Overseas travel for Lampre-ISD with Top Goals
Press Release: General manager Saronni’s team will fly to Canada in order to try to obtain top results in GP Quebec (7 September) and GP Montreal (9 September).

Diego Ulissi will be the key rider of the blue-fuchsia team, but sport director Bondariew and technical director Damiani will rely also on other athletes that will be very competitive on these courses.

With Ulissi there will be Grega Bole, Matteo Bono, Matthew Lloyd, Manuele Mori, Daniele Pietropolli, Daniele Righi and Simone Stortoni.

In addition to the technics Bondariew and Damiani, in the blue-fuchsia staff there will be doctor Beltemacchi, mechanic Viganт and masseurs Bertolone and Napolitano.
“Ulissi is pedaling very well in these weeks, so he’ll be the captain for both races,” sport director Bondariew explained. “He’ll receive the support by very competitive team mates, who could also be alternatives.”

Ulissi is determined: “I’m going to Canada with ambitions. I’m in a good shape, I hope there could be the proper condition to try to hit the target and so conquering World tour points.”

OPQS to GP Cycliste de Montreal and GP Cycliste de Quebec
Press Release: Omega Pharma – Quick-Step Cycling Team has announced the selection that will take part in both the GP Cycliste de Montreal and GP Cycliste de Quebec.

The Quebec parcour, which is 16 laps of 12.6km for a total of 201.6km, will favour climbers and the riders who have descending prowess. The finish line includes a climb.

Montreal, a 17 lap circuit of 12.1km per lap, for a total of 205.7km, features three climbs at km 2, 6 and 11 of the 12.1km laps. The climbs are 8%, 6% and 4% in average gradient.

Both courses are challenging and will be sure to test the legs of all the riders.

“Races like these are similar to the one day classics in Europe,” Sports Director Wilfried Peeters said. “They are good races that are also well organized. Quebec is a race where riders need to be in good condition to be in front. Montreal is a bit harder, but generally you need good legs for both of these races, because they’re both quite demanding. Last year, in the first edition of the two races, it was a great show and we did well. I hope we can do even better this year.”

07.09 Grand Prix Cycliste de Quйbec (CAN) WT
Sylvain Chavanel (FRA),
Gerald Ciolek (GER),
Dries Devenyns (BEL),
Michal Golas (POL),
Jerome Pineau (FRA),
Matteo Trentin (ITA),
Martin Velits (SVK),
Julien Vermote (BEL).
Sports Director: Wilfried Peeters (BEL).

09.09 GP Cycliste de Montrйal (CAN) WT
Sylvain Chavanel (FRA),
Gerald Ciolek (GER),
Dries Devenyns (BEL),
Michal Golas (POL),
Jerome Pineau (FRA),
Matteo Trentin (ITA),
Martin Velits (SVK),
Julien Vermote (BEL).
Sports Director: Wilfried Peeters (BEL).

BMC Racing Team Ready For Challenging Canadian Races
Press Release: The BMC Racing Team brings a mix of classics riders and proven climbers to the Grand Prix Cycliste de Quйbec and Montrйal to face a pair of courses that have traditionally been races of attrition.

Frank Is One Option
Friday’s race in Quйbec is 16 laps of a 12.6 kilometre circuit for a total of 201.6 km. Sunday’s race in Montreal is 205.7 km comprising 17 laps of a 12.1 km circuit. Both are favourable to the squad the BMC Racing Team brings to Canada, Assistant Director Michael Sayers said. “Mathias Frank is going exceptionally well right now, so he’ll be one of our main guys,” Sayers said. “Greg Van Avermaet is also well-suited for races like this and Marcus Burghardt has some great form, too.” Swiss national road champion Martin Kohler – one of seven BMC Racing Team riders competing in the races for the first time – said he is ready to provide support for the team’s leaders. “As I saw from the results of last year, it’s a very hard course,” Kohler said. “Both races are courses for climbers. These races will be good for me because I prefer when the tempo is hard for the whole four or five hours, not just the first and last ones.”

Download the official BMC Racing Team Race Card (PDF with roster, bios, statistics, etc.): https://bit.ly/Q1c15S

BMC Racing Team Grands Prix Cyclistes Roster (Sept. 7, 9):
Marcus Burghardt (GER),
Mathias Frank (SUI),
Martin Kohler (SUI),
Marco Pinotti (ITA),
Manuel Quinziato (ITA),
Ivan Santaromita (ITA),
Greg Van Avermaet (BEL),
Danilo Wyss (SUI).
Sport Director: Michael Sayers (USA).

BMC in Quebec:

Rabobank Takes Riders for Tough Terrain to Canada
Press Release: The Rabobank Cycling Team will bet on a team of stage race riders and men who know their way on tough terrain for the WorldTour-races in Quйbec and Montrйal this Friday and Sunday. With Luis Leon Sanchez, Paul Martens and Michael Matthews, Frans Maassen’s team has three fast guys who can survive a hard final. Sports director Frans Maassen says the two races are ‘honest’. “The winner is almost certainly the best rider in the race. There is no room for a one-day fly.”

Maassen thinks he has a strong team at his disposal. But he is not quite sure how the form of especially his three fastest men is. Maassen: “Luis Leon had a little setback after his victory in San Sebastian. In Hamburg and Plouay he was not as good as he normally is but according to Luis himself he’s better now. We shall see. When he’s good, he can win here. The course suits him. I think that Paul Martens is our best guy at the moment. We have the advantage that our team is strong enough to have several riders in the final. We will see who will remain.”

It won’t be easy in the races where Robert Gesink in particular was very good in the past two years. He came in third in Quйbec in 2010 and impressively managed to win Montrйal that year. Last year he finished second after the, then, unbeatable Philippe Gilbert. Both riders are in the Vuelta at the moment so are not in Canada. But riders like Peter Sagan, Edvald Boasson Hagen are Sylvain Chavanel are there. Maassen: “There is a very strong field here. If you see Peter Sagan on the start list, it’s clear. It will be very hard but most certainly not impossible.”

2010 GP de Montreal:

Map My Tracks Becomes Official GPS Tracking Supplier for The Tour of Britain
Press Release: Map My Tracks provide real-time GPS tracking for individuals using their mobile phone apps, which turns their device into an all-sports GPS computer allowing them to record and review their data. They also provide a platform for events to track participants and for spectators at home to view in real time.

For the duration of The Tour of Britain, Map My Tracks will be tracking the race live and broadcasting the riders’ progress for spectators to follow online, on tablet devices and on mobile phones.

For information on how to follow The 2012 Tour of Britain online, please visit: https://www.mapmytracks.com/events/tour-of-britain-2012.

Tour of Britain stage 2 preview by IGMarketsCycling.

Andy Schleck out of GP Fourmies
After discussing the status of his pelvic injury with the team’s medical staff, Andy Schleck has decided not to take the start in the GP Fourmies next Sunday.

“The shooting pain when I go on longer rides can still not be denied. It starts from the hip and it moves down to the leg. It makes no sense to appear at races where I might not be able to even reach the finish line”, says Schleck, who doesn’t want to compromise his 2013 season. “I’m very disappointed that I couldn’t show anything so far this year. This has been a dreadful season for me and I desperately want to put it behind me. I still hope to return to racing before the season ends.” At this point it is not clear when Andy Schleck will resume racing.

GP de Fourmies 2010:

Cadel Evans Announces End To Season
Press Release: Cadel Evans will not compete again the remainder of the 2012 season in order to rest a sore right knee that forced his withdrawal from the USA Pro Challenge last month, the BMC Racing Team announced Tuesday.

Doctor’s Assessment
BMC Racing Team Chief Medical Officer Dr. Max Testa said testing done last week on the 2011 Tour de France champion revealed no damage to his knee and no lingering signs of what was thought to have been an off-and-on low grade infection. “But considering there are so few races left, and with his current level of fitness, the medical staff and management decided to make this the end of his season,” Dr. Testa said.

Rest And Recovery
Evans said while he is disappointed he will not be able to compete in the Grand Prix Cycliste de Quйbec City and Montrйal races Friday and Sunday as he had originally planned, he is looking forward to the extra free time with his family. “I’m disappointed surely, but in the end, there’s nothing I can do,” he said. “I wanted to come back and race this year but it could possibly compromise my 2013. At this point, we can’t afford to do that. So I’ll completely recover and do what I can to be back to my normal level next year.”

‘Wise Decision To Stop’
BMC Racing Team Directeur Sportif John Lelangue agreed with Evans’s outlook. “We want for him to be competitive in 2013,” he said. “There is only the world championships and the Tour of Lombardia as big races where he could have been one of the favorites. But you have to be 100 percent for those races and with his actual state now, it’s a wise decision to stop now and totally rest and recover and then rebuild for next season.”

Results Included 19 Top 10s
In 2012, Evans won Critйrium International and finished third at the Critйrium du Dauphinй before placing seventh at the Tour de France – his sixth top 10 finish at the race in eight appearances. His results include a team-best 19 top 10 finishes – one of them a stage win at Critйrium International – and the points classification title at the Dauphinй. He competed for Australia in the road race at the Olympic Games (finishing 80th) and raced the first five days of the USA Pro Challenge in Colorado before withdrawing halfway through Stage 6.

Orica-GreenEdge Music Video
Dancing Pro bike teams! Well anything is possible I guess. Orica-GreenEdge here doing their stuff. Still a bit strange though.

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