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Friday’s Top 10 List: 10 Good Things About Our Sport

Too much news today is focused on the bad things happening in the world. War, murders, disease, corporations gone bad… Enough! So we at PezCycling News have decreed that today we shall remind ourselves about the real reasons to get out of bed in the morning – presented in the easy-to-read and always popular Top 10 List. Heeeere we go …

10. VDB Gets 2nd at Flanders – more proof that you can pick yourself up and do it right in cycling.

9. The World’s coming to Canada, new fans and a chance for North Americans to see our hero’s!!!

8. Johan Museeuw, just because we need a yearlong champion out there, reminiscent of Jalabert, Hinault, Kelly and Merckx.

7. Name another sport where a guy dressed up as the devil is a cult hero!

6. It’s a sport, it’s a mode of transportation, it’s a means of social change…

5. Spring Classics – because even without World Cup designation, these would still be the biggest one day races of the year. One million+ fans standing road-side to catch a 15 second glimpse of the riders can’t be wrong…

4. It’s the only sport where you can get so involved in the action and for free! What other sport allows fans to rub shoulders with their idols before a race start and then run alongside them on a mountain pass with your tongue hanging out like idiots?

3. The UCI bans white shorts, sorry Mario but thats just “WRONG!!!”, guys should not wear white shorts!!!!!!!!

2. How else can a group of diverse people from different countries, speaking different languages, from different cultural backgrounds, all spend an enjoyable afternoon together and come away as friends?

1. You wanna feel better – get on your bike! It doesn’t get much simpler than that!

What Do You Think? Got your own ideas about what’s great about cycling – then let us know and we might just publish you in glorious pixelated black & white!

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