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Garzelli To Continue the Giro

– Reported by Gazzetta dello Sport –

The cyclist from Mapei has decided to ride: “I will continue. It’s my decision, taken after reflecting day and night, Saturday. I continue because it is right to wait for the counter analysis, so that all can see that I have a clean conscience, from the fact that I am right and because society and my companions have shown me affection and understanding”. He will start tomorrow and continue the race, he says this with a tone from better days, when he was in the pink jersey and all of the Giro was laid out before him: in quiet tones, almost a whisper, it appeared that nothing has changed from those days to this one. But everything has changed and he knows this very well.

“It’s very difficult to have to wait for the counter analysis this Tuesday in Losanna. It’s not easy to race knowing that in 48 hours that your race and your life could change, for worse still; the risk of being overwhelmed from an act that I haven’t committed, from a blame of which you are not stained from. In these two days before the results from the new tests of my urine I will live day to day, then we will see what will happen. If it happens what I fear, I will leave the Giro because I will be forced to by the regulations, but I will leave cycling by choice”. So Garzelli said before the start of the seventh
stage of the Giro d’Italia, the circuit of Versilia, from Viareggio and arriving in Lido di Camaiore. His night passed fitfully and the morning spent in meeting with Giorgio Squinzi, patron of Mapei-Quick Step, who arrived from Milan to convince his captain to continue the race after the news arrived Friday evening of the non-negative result from the anti doping controls in Liege, a stage which Garzelli had won. “Saturday evening I decided not to continue – explains Garzelli –
then, this morning I changed my mind: others have helped me do it, but the decision was ultimately mine”.

The fact is that he has a head crowded with ugly thoughts and has not been able to concentrate on the race: “I have moments in which I want to quit and return home, in others the want to proceed wins because I
know that I am right. Only a crazy person would take a diuretic, like the analysis said that I have done, knowing that one is faced with the controls immediately at the finish. I’m not that stupid”. He said that he was very pleased with the word of encouragement from Frigo,
Savoldelli, Sciandi and others during the stage Saturday. “Pantani, no, he didn’t approach me. One couldn’t make me do it in 200 years”. This is not a time for troubles with your colleagues. Right now is a time to look behind yourself to find an answer, whatever it may be.

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