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Giro Gets Interesting?

After the dark days last week that threatened to ruin a lot more than just a bike race, it appears the Giro is now threatening to fight back and become a very interesting race – thanks to the English speaking riders Tyler Hamilton and Cadel Evans. You gotta love it when your homie sticks it to the man, and even more when you barely expected him to do anything in the first place. So if Tyler can stay upright and tap into the lessons of self belief he must have learned from Lance, and Cadel doesn’t blow up in the last week, we could see an historical Giro. One thing is for sure, the last week will be worth waiting for, and those of us who stick it out till the end will surely be rewarded. Daimeon Shanks found the story below in the Italian daily Gazzetta dello Sport – Richard Pestes

– Reported From Gazzetta dello Sport –

Hamilton discovers the pasta of his captain

For four years he was a worker for Armstrong, the American is finally the leader at CSC-Tiscali and, after Numana, a threat for victory in the Giro d’Italia.

NUMANA (Ancona), 26 May 2002 – The life of Tyler Hamilton revolves around crashes. One, that occurred during a large ski race, convinced him to leave skiing for cycling during his tenure as a university student. Another, more recent, during the fifth stage of the Giro. The 31 year old from Marblehead,Mass, seen at Numana to have his cards in line to arrive in Milan wearing the pink jersey. The 31 seconds taken from Gontchar at the finish, and above all the 41 seconds taken from Evans, the 59 from Frigo, and the minute and 51 seconds from Casagrande, his direct adversaries for the general classification, shows the others the ambitions of the American after four
years of honored service in the court of his master, Lance Armstrong.

“From him I’ve learned much, above all the culture of the work: in March I rode the course at Numana four times to memorize every particularity. If you didn’t know Lance, I would never have come into your mind. However, I can do much more than just be a worker: I do the work, but at the end all of the glory is mine. I’m not a young man anymore, I don’t want to end my career
watching from the rear and discovering that I have a head and heart full of regrets. I wanted to race with the opportunities given to a captain, and here at CSC-Tiscali I was given a guaranteed opportunity. I dedicate this victory at Numana to my director, Bjarne Riis, who wanted me and convinced me to leave US Postal. Armstrong and I remain friends, before deciding to leave I spoke with him about it and he supported my decision”. Wherever he goes, the benediction of the three time winner of the Tour de France goes with him,
also knowledge. “The time trial in Numana has given me confidence in view of the third week of the Giro, with the Dolomites to decide the race. I pedaled with an 11×21, I kept a high rate of pedaling and with each kilometer that passed my confidence grew. Today for the first time after several days I feel extremely good, strong as the beginning of the race, when I was
determined to be a protagonist in this year’s Giro. The fall was a hard blow, this victory repays my suffering and is one of my best moments”.

He has prepared for the Giro with maniacal attention, staring in July of last year. He came to Italy to preview the important stages, especially the Dolomites, accompanied by his wife Heiden, “who followed me in the mountains in a car”, and his dog, “who followed me in the mountains running behind my bike”. Right he is that the mountains now occupy his thoughts, and not
because they are different form those of the Tour, the Galibier and the Tourmalet, for example, on which he has many times set the pace for Armstrong: “I’m finding it difficult on the climbs because my shoulder and
my ribs still hurt. It will be difficult to battle Casagrande, Evans, and Frigo, but I will win in the end. The Tour? Jalabert is the leader of our team and will ride for the polka dot jersey, but in the general classification I will think of myself”. Armstrong is his friend, but as
always the pupil wants to out do his master.

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