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Inside Langkawi: Dangerous Riding

Our exclusive Flanders-iteamNova Racer Diary from Langkawi was delayed this weekend, due to crash-induced trips to the hospital and Far Eastern internet connections. Al catches us up after the Stage 1 sprint melee that sent teammate David MacKenzie and several others to the E-ward.

– Al Iacuone –
There can be only one topic for today’s report; the total lack of respect for other riders in the sprint today. Yesterday I was talking about a rider being professional and promoting the sport and today it has to be the opposite. The bunchsprint and the final lap of the 8km local circuit was total mayhem.

Al starts the Prologue TT at Langkawi.

I can respect teams trying to get together a good lead-out train, I can even respect it if they put a sweeper behind the sprinter to keep the opposition from taking advantage of your lead-out. What I can’t get into my head is that there are riders who while in full preparation for the sprint at 60 km/h are using their hands to keep their position. Nobody who respects other riders should even think about taking their hands of the handlebars in the final km.

I know this column is short but I don’t want to waste more words on these practices. I just hope the riders realise we are all trying to make a living and this kind of behaviour can seriously jeopardise a few careers. Although I haven’t heard all the details I know there are a few guys who won’t be riding for at least a couple of months. I wish them all the best and hope to see them back on the startgrid soon.

Just to put it in perspective, My team and roommate David McKenzie went to the hospital with a deep cut on his right knee from a chainring and he considered himself lucky when he came back from the hospital where he saw and heard some of the other riders.

Not all the action is fast and furioius. Here the riders wait for the 5 hour transfer to Stage1.

Hope to have a better topic tomorrow,

Allan Iacuone

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