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Italian Shorts

Davide Rebellin fell during the Fleche Vallone, at about 60kms from the start. Luckily it was in a meadow, so he was thinking that his shoulder went out. But when he tried to push it on, he wasn’t able. Doctors at Huy hosptial found a small break in the shoulder. He needs to stop for some days, and then try to come back to training but no racing for almost 3-4 weeks. Before this accident he wasn’t sure about take part at Giro or Tour, but now it seems sure that he will run the Tour de France.

Kolobnev on finishing 5th: “Today it has been a bad day, I wasn’t feeling fine. I’m feeling sad, I could
do better. If I was in the same condition of some weeks ago, I could win for sure”.
He finished 5th

Scarponi: “It’s a no day. I fell 2 times: the first with Rebellin and the 2nd with Kessler, at the start of the final hill. The Fleche? A difficult race. At the start I wasn’t feeling fine, but then I was better.”

Garzelli comes back tomorrow at Giro del Trentino. He was suspended since the end of last Giro d’Italia because of doping. “I’m still thinking to be innocent and I know that I did nothing” is what he said to Datasport. “Finally I’ll come back at races, with Caldirola, and I will try the emotion to pick up
the number of the back”.

Pantani won’t be of the match tomorrow. He is having a dental problem, and so he won’t
run the Giro del Trentino. There won’t be also Daniel Clavero at the start. At their
places, Massimo Cigana and Ivan Ravaioli, winner of 2 stages at last Settimana Lombarda.

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