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Italian Shorts

We might as well call it “Italian Shorts Week” with all the news pouring in from “la bell’Italia”… Here’s that latest from the Warrior Bartoli and Cipo’s new sponsor.

“My crash in 1999 has been the worst moment of my life, but it made me stronger. Just me and Museeuw won 2 World Cup races this year: no one of us is a new pro, and it means something. In my case, that I’m not
yet at the end of my career: at 32 years old I still feel I have a lot to give, and it isn’t only pride. Look at the winner of the 10 races of the World Cup of this year:
from Tafi to Museeuw, it’s all peoples with a big experience”.

And about next season “I’d like to win again Tour of Flanders, that I won in 1996. And then there’s the world championship’s dream: it’s a race where I’ve always been a protagonist but which I never won. I’m not afraid to not have been called this year: I got the chance to concentrate more at the final of the season and you saw the results. I didn’t have nothing to show in Azzuro‚: I already showed that I’m ready to run for others, so
I could do the same for Mario. And if I look back, I don’t have regrets: neither for my mistakes that taught me a
lot. I don’t know if in Italy people still think that Bartoli is the number one in one-day races, everybody has his own supporters. But I think that nobody can say that
Bartoli won for a case: it’s sufficient to look at how I win”.

Cycling Team got a new sponsor and it will be one of the principals: Gi.Vi. Plast, a factory that works in the world of footwear.”Cycling is my passion” – said Giorgio Silenzi, one of the owners of Gi.Vi. Plast – and this adventure was born as a joke. But it’s true, cycling is a good way to do promotions: we will use the team and Mario Cipollini to show around the world our name.
Cycling is like a factory: to grow and win, you’ve to make many sacrificies, and believe in your dreams”.

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