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Italy to Boycott Tour?

An Italian friend of mine once told me that he loves the French women, but can’t stand the French men”, while a French friend once told me the Italains “are so crazy, always making so much noise…”. It’s no secret that the French and Italians have never been “best buds”, so perhaps it should come as no surprise that Aqua & Sapone has suggested that all Italian teams should boycott the Tour de France.

Acqua&Sapone has asked all the Italian teams to leave the next Tour de France, after the organization withdrew it’s invitation to Saeco.

“The Exclusion of Saeco from Tour de France is disgraceful. This is the confirmation which our sport society doesn’t have any weight and value. There is a monopoly of some organisors which earn profits for their firms. We Italian teams, at this point, must
find a voice and if necessary boycott important races as Tour de France. Only in this way will we find a political and economic value. We cannot continue our work without one power.

Our teams are true factories with usual 50 workers payed only by the sponsors. As it happens in some other sports, also we have the right to have incomes (from TV of Grand Tours, World Cup and World Championship). Renewal the invitation to have a meeting to find an important person who can represent
us (for example, the Honourable Mastella)

– Acqua&Sapone press office

But, how could a team like Mapei or Lampre who didn’t have a great Giro, afford to ignore the huge publicity offered by simply being a part of the Tour?

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