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Jean Delatour Hopes For Tour

– Translated by Paul Francisci –

“No forecasts, the race only the race.”

This coming May 2nd, the Company of the Tour de France will announce the name of 5 or 6 (extra) teams invited to take part in the Loop (Tour de France) – from the 6th to 28 th of July 2002-. One week before the attribution of these “wild cards” which will come to supplement the 16 teams already retained last October, the managers of Jean Delatour team refuse with any forecast. “the team is doing the best he can in taking part in high level races and is still focusing on World cup.” Explains Michel Gros the sporting director “We concentrate on the race and only on the race”.
Serge Barle the manager of the team “Jean Delatour” acknowledges “as a supporter of cycling, I would be disappointed not to see the our team not making the Turn. And I sincerely hope that we will be there. We proved our qualities in the past, and I know that we have our place. ”

Same reaction for Jean-Luc Jonrond the associated sporting director, “I believe that we will have good news on May 2 and that our results for 2000 and 2001 will manage to erase our beginning of season in half-tone. We won the Cup of France two consecutive years and we had good results last year on the “Tour”. Unfortunately, I do not know on which criteria, the persons in charge of this new edition of the Tour, will make their decision.”

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