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Mail Bag: Readers Reply To VBD Comeback

The doping issue continues to be – thankfully – an important concern for racing fans everywhere. Our recent stories on Frank Vandenbrouke’s repeated “comebacks” motivated lots of you to join the fray and voice your opinions. Bravo readers! Here are a couple of letters that represent the majority vote…

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“I believe in redemption. Usually we do not deserve to be tarnished forever, by a mistake, or even a couple of them. But there is every reason to believe that VDB is better understood as a “career criminal” than as a teenage delinquent who made a couple of mistakes (as you attempt to portray him).

Drug use in cycling will be difficult to control, much less end, if the recurrent use of drugs produces only a slap on the wrist from those responsible for policing these cheats.

The problem is compounded when those with access to the public posture as apologists, undermining the moral consensus against cheating in all its forms.

Save the worldly sophistication. It is providing cover for cheaters who are tarnishing out sport.”
– John R. Petrocik

“VDB represents the core of the culture of doping in pro-cycling. They should throw him out of the sport for life…..and not look back. The fact that they haven’t done that yet goes to the heart of the problem. Nobody has any balls over there at the UCI and the various national agencies. The longer they allow this to go on, the longer our sport is a sham of sportsmanship. You guys making excuses for idiots (it’s for my dog) like VDB, does nothing but allow this continuing culture of doping to seem acceptable. Shame on you!”
– Jeff Allen

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