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MailBag: PEZ-Readers Write!

This week – no oldies – but a few goodies from our astute and alert readers. We’ve got a little controversy, a correction, questions, and comments – grab yer ‘joe and come on in!

Controversy In The Gutter
I can’t believe you published that article by Dave Aldersebaes (“Extra Water, No Balloons” ) about the Wisconsin State Crit Championship. I was there and awarded the jersey to the guy he refers to as the “sandbagger.” Yes, the guy is big and strong, but he’s a new rider and is most definitely a cat 4. A strong cat 4, but cat 4 none the less.

He’ll likely cat up soon and in the meantime, people like Dave need to get over the fact that they aren’t the strongest in the group and with his attitude, likely never will be. Lots of us in Wisconsin are chuckling at Dave’s attempt to pump his ability up, at the expense (in writing) of others. The article is ok, but it should be under “fiction.”

Yours truly,
Rebecca Loney
Wisconsin Cycling Assocation President

Rebecca – Thanks for offering your version of the events. However, at risk of pointing out the obvious, our “Life In The Gutter” columns are written from the authors’ point of view – they call ’em like they see ’em.

Botero Better On PEZ
“Re: Tour Contenders“Santiago Botero (Telekom) The man with the style of “a boxxa” as Paul Sherwin said, showed us some real guts winning two stages (one TT and one mountain) and finishing 2nd in the 02 Tour.”

If you check the record, I think you’ll find Beloki was second in the ’02 Tour. Botero finished 4th, and has never made the final podium. On the other hand, I totally agree about the ‘real guts’ – Botero’s definitely got that.

– Rob Roeder

Rob – Thanks for pointing out my mistake – but wouldn’t it be great to see Botero on the “podio”? Actual 2002 results: Armstrong 1st, Beloki 2nd, Rumsas 3rd, Botero 4th.

Trek Vs Giant?
Sure wouldn’t mind seeing a direct comparison between the Giant TCR 0 Composite and Trek 5900. Do you guys ever do comparisons?

– Ed Scardaville

Ed – I rode both the Trek 5900 and The Giant TCR1, and although I don’t have anything planned as a direct comparison, I found both bikes to be quite different, but good in their own ways. Now, the TCR0 and TCR1 (and TCR Team) all share the same frame – they just differ by components.

Here’s what I can say about the TCR1 vs the Trek 5900: The Trek felt lighter (although I never actually weighed the two), and feels really good on long rides – I think due to the longer wheelbase.

The Giant was also really comfy – but was set up in a more aggressive riding position for me, so it also felt great, but I found I got a bit sore (lower back) after 2-3 hours. The Giant was also more responsive in turns – due to short geometry, but not as stable coming down hills.

I’m told by Trek that they’re launching a new bike to replace the 5900 in the coming weeks – but it’s supposed to have the same geometry – but diff tube design.

Also, we did a comparison of the Colnago C-40 vs Pinarello Prince a few months ago.

I’d like to tell you more, but I’ve still got a lot of stuff to do before heading to the Tour next week – !

Brave New Dating Technique
Lance Vs The Tour: Whoo Do You Love?

I like the piece, but I must say that the writer was quite brave for putting in a cycling tape on a date! J
– Paul Lemelle

No word yet on whether he closed the deal… ed.

Mr. Scott:
After reading your article and reviewing the questions posed, the only thing I can say is that “till Americans can get the cycling mentality that the Europeans have, we as a society will never put cycling in the spot light it deserves”.

– Thanks J. Mummart

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