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Challenge De Mallorca: Allan Davis, A Star In Spain

On a windy, wet and cold day on the Island of Mallorca, young Australian, Allan Davis takes the second win of his career and beats Zabel.

The Australian Allan Davis, has showen the colours of his Spanish team, ONCE-Eroski, very well to-day by out-sprinting, amongst others, world No.1, Erik Zabel.

Davis, a 22 year-old, who’s debut last year in the top flight with Mapei brought him one win in the Tour of Cabo in South Africa, won to-day in very bad weather of rain, wind and snow over the hilly 170 kilometres in nearly four and a half hours.

With Kelme looking after the intrests of Issac Galves, a dozen riders got a 2 minute gap at 35 kilometres, this group included Zabel. Further up the road the group had grown to 36 with local hero Paco Cabello (Kelme), who won overall last year. By 141 kilometres it was all together for the sprint, Davis played it perfectly to beat Zabel.

Tomorrow’s stage is from Manacor to Porto Cristo, a 166 kilometre jaunt with only one hill to climb at 144 kms.


1st. A.Davis (ONCE) in 4 Hours 28Mins 15 Secs.
2nd. E.Zabel (TEL) same time.
3rd. G.Lowik (BANK) same time.
4th. P.Bettini (QUICK) same time.
5th. F.Wegmann (GEROL) same time.
6th. J.Boven (RAB) same time.
7th. C.Torrent (PAT) same time.
8th. G.Rast (Phonak) same time.
9th. P.Cardoso (Milaneza) same time.
10th. V.Reynes (LA Pecol) same time.

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