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Mario – Please Call Me… Marco

– By Duncan Steele –

Anyway these little stories about Cipo and Pantani getting together to form a Team seem to be fizzling out. It seems Pantani wanted Cipo to invite him to have talk in private, and Cipo hasn’t!! Now what I can figure out is that Pantani, after being spoiled for 2 years and with no race results coming in, has lost a few friends. Teams aren’t willing to construct a Team around him and is he capable of being a “gregario”?? (his performance at the Sydney Olympics should answer that!).

He’s been named to team up with Ullrich, as a team to beat Armstrong, but with Ullrich out until late spring ’03 will he be ready for the Tour? Ullrich and certainly Cipollini aren’t having problems finding a Team and good contracts as they are both still capable of competing and blowing away the best.

Pantani was a delight and made bike racing emotional and I am the first to wish him back, but all these stories and get togethers with today’s top bikers just reminds me a bit of the tactic a fading rock/pop star uses, who cuts a record as a guest singer with an ” in the moment” rock/pop group!!!

Lets hope Pantani knows how to sing!!!

Ciao 4 now Duncan

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