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Constant improvement is something most of us cyclists work at… constantly. But sometimes even the best equipment, coaching, diet, and training aren’t enough to achieve the gains we want. We add more things and keep upgrading with little change in performance. That’s where Scott Price & PUREFORMANCE hope to make a difference.

As a former Canadian national road champion, Scott was clearly a talented bike racer. He won over 100 races around the globe and raced on the Caja Rural, Team Plymouth, Canadian National Team and Trek Landis VW teams. He evolved from a super competitive athlete to someone who sees the value in each and every one of our efforts. “We can all try and win depending on how we frame what we are setting out to do; our challenges and battles are all relatively impressive”. Scott noted how being the absolute best did not guarantee being a strong role model, so he started Pureformance, the community for people with the desire to be Real Role Models, and to lead by example through their shared commitment to excellence, and to achieve greatness by understanding our core abilities and mastering them.

Scott on his way to victory at the canadian National road championships.

PEZ: How’d you get started in road cycling – it wasn’t exactly popular when you were a kid…
Scott Price:
Yes cycling wasn’t even a fringe sport when I started. I played basketball growing up in Calgary and was the youngest of 6 kids. My 3 older and bigger brothers used to punish me on the driveway playing hoops but when we started cycling I got my revenge on the hills. After I had been riding for a few months I entered a Wednesday world’s race a few blocks from my home at 16 years old. I was hooked.

PEZ: Tell me about how you won the Canadian National Road Championships…
I was progressing up the cycling ranks without a coaching program, without a nutritionist, without a bike fit, without a power meter and without a carbon fiber bike or aero wheels. My secret weapon was my inner drive and determination. At the age of 23 when I won the men’s Canadian national road title in Quebec on the most selective course in memory. We had an amazing group of rebel riders from Alberta on our team and I succeeded with unconventional training and poor nutrition. I’ve always loved selective courses as it provides the very best arena for knowing what you are made of and capable of doing.

Scott’s lived his motto for a long time: “Give’r 100%”.

PEZ: Tell me more about that race, what happened on the road?
It was one of the few times I was actually patient in my career. This course had a monster steep climb we had to face 10 times. An early break went that had some riders on my team in it so I was tactically forced to be patient and holding back on the climb each lap was hard for me. The 180k long race ultimately became a race of attrition. The lead group came together on lap 8 of 10 and with 20k to go it was throw down time. It was on a flat section of road and in the lead group it was attack and counter-attack like mad. When the race was at its hardest, I got off the front briefly with Czelaw Lukaszewicz and I was feeling so strong I countered him and was gone on my own with 18k to go.

I rode the 2 last laps up the climb solo but the chase was always close and I dug deep to win by a mere 9 seconds and fell off my bike after I crossed the line. Soloing for that long for the win with a chase never far behind was thrilling to say the least. It’s an amazing feeling when you have the belief you can do something, commit 100% and then realize it.


PEZ: So now you’ve created a way for people to access this knowledge?
I saw this huge gap in the knowledge that coaches were providing their athletes. Everyone can get a training program, a book, strategic and fueling advice with no guarantee of great athlete improvements. All those things give us marginal gains but jumps in levels of performance. I have coached people for almost two decades and I saw better and better results by working on the motivation, the belief systems and the inner qualities that makes champions. If you take someone who thinks intervals are stupid and pointless and someone who wants to do them because they will help them reach their goals quickly and they both do the same program…. Well we all know how much results vary. Intervals and nutrition do not cause greatness, the heart of the individual does.

I created Pureformance.com to show athletes how to be Pure Powered Athletes and get what they really want. If someone sets the right goals that are realistic and really deep down important to them then improvement and success is guaranteed. We are a community that is free to join, and we offer all kinds resources to be a better cyclist, and for those who want nothing but the best, more performance secrets come from our interactive guidebook product.

Being a roll model to his children is Scott’s biggest achievement.

PEZ: So I bet you have an interesting view point on performance enhancing drugs?
My role is to give voice for positions that aren’t always expressed through mainstream media. I mean we all have choices to make in life, are we looking to consume every advantage to unconsciously be the absolute best at any cost? Or is it time to start looking at success through the lens of the soul and the quality of our inner state? I’m all for that. I mean when someone wins a million dollar Triple Crown series in a questionable manner, there is some athlete down the line that is the “pure” winner that gets no external recognition.

I wasn’t the greatest cyclist that lived by any stretch of the imagination but if I took drugs I could have ridden the Le Tour. I want to show people that winning doesn’t have to be at all costs. It is all about how you want to treat yourself and how you frame success personally.

PEZ: How do you influence a more positive direction for cycling?
Cycling is the most beautiful, dynamic, challenging and culturally rich sport there is. It is here to stay. I think the swing of the pendulum is putting more value than ever on the higher power of being a pure athlete and living a healthy and balanced lifestyle; a real role model for your kids and community. I want to team up with the person who gets up at 5:00am to hit a group ride in the morning, has breakfast with someone they love, goes off to work to meet the responsibilities in life and then battles like a warrior at select events. There is no lack in not being a pro. The acknowledgement for having a positive impact doesn’t come through a yellow jersey, it comes from the way people look at you and how you sleep at night. That is real wealth. Everyone wants to win and winning doesn’t always mean first place it means you secured a victory for what you were trying to achieve. Cycling provides the perfect opportunity for exploring and challenging ourselves as Pure athletes.


PEZ: Now tell us about Pureformance – what is it and what are trying to achieve?
We have set out to be a global movement for Pure Powered Athletes. People like you that give’r, I mean train hard, eat well, take on epic challenges, want to improve and gain knowledge and be a part of something bigger than themselves. So with a free sign up we offer you our interviews, articles, strategies with tangible applications and our weekly email “Turn It Up” all designed to inspire you and give you cutting edge information on getting the most of the abilities we have.

For people who want to improve or reach some level we haven’t before, there often needs to be some boost, some inspiration or a new tactic to get there. Breakthroughs lie outside our comfort zone or else we would already have it. We want to see people experience the joy and power of reaching into their potential so we expose them to not only HOW but also other people who have done it.

The very best in every field surround themselves with the best resources like coaching, equipment, technology, nutrition and experts but they do so because they are driven to go far. When you combine that awesome support with focused drive and the mental game you have a winning formula. Champions don’t look for excuses, they take personal responsibility for finding the best way within their moral code and each path is unique.

Specifically, inside PF you will find:
• A map of 6 fundamentals of training so you get better RESULTS
• We show you a 6 step process of how to organize and ignite your inner drive with our Super Intention. All successful people do this organically and we break it down for you.
• Browse through strategies like “FastTrain”, how to time what you eat for maximum benefit from your training. Save time and get faster, sounds too good to true.
• Interviews and videos on Pure Powered People who share their performance secrets and inspiration with you. There is so much to learn from people like six time Mr Olympia Dorian Yates on discipline and world record free dive holder Will Trubridge on reaching into your potential as his training regime faces death daily…

When people address these things it gives them the energy, motivation and focus to reach the next level, whether that is flat out performance or a level of owning where they are at. We often think our improvements will come through something we buy; I’m here to change that and put the power back in people’s hands and hearts.
PUREFORMANCE is the community for Pure Powered People. People who want to see their best, be conscious, make a positive impact and lift others up. We provide the resources to KICK ASS.

Interested readers can sign up for free at www.pureformance.com/cycling

Anyone who’s read this article and chooses to sign-up will receive by email:
1. “The Heart Of Cycling” interview with a Scottish cycling legend (you’ll have to find out who. Hint: former pro, now Eurosport commentator).
2. Resource: “What it means to be lead by example and be a part of the Pure power movement”.
Scott and Pureformance can be reached at [email protected]

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