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Miami GP: Rider Comments

– By Onajide Shabaka –
The USPS boys remained hidden until just about start time. In the race they were chased down, time and time again even though Chann McRae stated to the author in a pre-race chat that he was very motivated to do well. However, every time a blue jersey came near the front there it was marked.

The race started with a couple fast laps then it was attack after attack. One thing riders may not have been ready for was the high humidity Miami offers on a year-round basis.

However, the real players in the race, and Gord Fraser had already spoken about it, were Mercury and Saturn. After about an hour and twenty minutes of racing Eric Wohlberg and Chris Wherry got away and built up a 45 second gap on the field controlled as best as their respective teams could. Mercury was not up to 100% health but Fraser did what he could which meant he didn’t have the sprint to beat Ivan Dominguez at the bunch finish. But Mercury was very satisfied with the final results as they had three riders in the PCT
overall series.

After the finish and before the awards presentation, Dominguez was affected by the heat and almost collapsed and needed help to the ground. His voice
had a bit of tension but was visibly exhausted. He mentioned after the break had gone he couldn’t do more than work from the main bunch for his teammate
Wohlberg. Dominguez said he was actually relived the break stayed because he felt some pressure to win. Instead, he got a nice leadout from his teammate
for third place. Miami’s spectators erupted with joy; Ivan Dominguez is loved here in this city.

After the race Gord Fraser added, “[Mercury] is satisfied even though a couple of my teammates were not feeling well. I had to watch four guys, which is a lot of work. However, we finished with three of our guys in the
top ten of the overall standings. Clinger didn’t last long which meant I only had Mark Walters to watch.” At the finish, “I lead Scott Moninger out for the sprint but Walters snuck past him and took the points.”

As far as the overall standings went Gord sounded most delighted saying, “Our most important goal was to win the Pro Cycling Tour overall and we did that.” He continued, “And we placed the best team at the top where we belong.”

Eric Wohlberg added his voice to the mix with, “I’ve been training really hard the past 2 weeks for the world championship time trials in NorCal. So, this race was a really nice win for me right now. I did crash on that first
corner but took my free lap and got back on. I worked my way back to the front and attacked again. This was a good, challenging course and even though Ivan [Dominguez] didn’t win, the title says with Saturn.”

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