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Miami Preview: Gord Fraser Comments

The final stop of the 2002 Pro Cycling Tour hits Miami this weekend, and PCN is there to bring you – our dear readers – all the action! Our correspondent Onajide Shabaka bumped into Mercury’s Canadian sensation Gord Fraser Friday afternoon. Here’s what he had to say…

– Reported by Onajide Shabaka –

Jide: You’ve ridden this course before haven’t you?
Gord: Yes, a couple of times actually.

Jide: After San Francisco, how do you and the team stand in the overall points?
Gord Fraser: We’re 1-2 in the overall individual points.

Jide: Any predictions?
Gord: Not really. It’s hard to say being the last race of the season. I don’t know who’s motivated and who’s not so, it’s kind of a lottery at the moment. There are 5 or 6 guys that are mathematically possible (to take over the series lead -ed.). One is not going to be here and that’s Charles Dionne. Davidenko will be here, Mark Walters, Ivan Dominguez, my teammate Henk Vogels.

Jide: . and you! Do you have any idea about your team for next year?
Gord: Mercury is definitely pulling out as the major sponsor. But, we’re trying to pull off another sponsor of two to take their place.

Jide: I know Greg Lemond is still trying to put together a team, does he still have any interest in your team? I think he’s also stated he’s looking for a team to race a great part of the year in Europe, too.
Gord: He was working with us last year but things didn’t go well with Viatel so, needless to say we won’t be of any interest to each other.

– Stay tuned all weekend for more rider updates and ful race coverage on Sunday.

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