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Murcia: Stage And Leadership For Javier Pascual Llorente

Spanish “on form” rider, Javier Pascual Llorente of Kelme-Costa Blanca, is the new leader of the 23rd. Vuelta a la Comunidad Murciana/Trofeo Alfonso Gъzman, after winning to-days stage to the top of the Alto Cresta del Gallo.

It was an early start for some this morning, as the UCI “Vampiros” were out between 6:55am and 8:48am. The blood of 53 out of the 131 riders in the race were tested. All clear! Teams tested were: Kelme, ONCE,ibanesto, Gerolsteiner, Lampre, Sidermec and US Postal.

A fast start from Alguazas, in warm conditions (20єC), with 153 kilometres in front of them, and a summit finnish. First to attack was the Spanish pair of Beltran (Coast) and Euba (Euskaltel) at 2 kilometres out. They were back in the fold by 8 kilometres, more tried, but nothing came of it, until Diaz Lobato (Paternina) went away at 14 kilometres. By 43 kilometres he had 4 minutes 34 seconds, and by 55 kms. he had his maximum of 6 minutes 30 seconds, with not much reaction behind.

At 100 kilometres, Kelme had started to chase, he was at this point 4 minutes 30 seconds up. They had him caught with 9 kilometres to go, and they were keeping the pace high for Pascual Llorente to attack on the finnishing climb of the Alto Cresta del Gallo (1st.cat). He went with Zubeldia (Euskaltel) on his heels, with his good form holding, he stayed in-front of the pack for a fine stage win and the overall.

Tomorrow: stage 3 is round the town of Caravaca for 160 kilometres, two “Altos”, the first, the Doсa Ines (3rd. cat) at 23 kilometres and the second, Campo de San Juan (1st. cat) at 110 kilometres, Kelme will try to defend their leaders jersey I’m sure.

Stage 2 Result:

1st. J.Pascual Llorente (KEL) 3.47.44.
2nd. H.Zubeldia (EUS) at 3 secs.
3rd. A.Valverde (KEL) at 10 secs.
4th. J.Gutierrez (BAN) at 10 secs.
5th. C.Evans (TEL) at 15 secs.
6th. L.Piepoli (BAN) at 16 secs.

15th. R.Rumsas (LAM) at 37 secs.
41st. L.Armstrong (USP) at 1.26.
95th. M.Barry (USP) at 5.37.

Overall Result After Stage 2:

1st. J.Pascual Llorente (KEL) 7.45.42.
2nd. H.Zubeldia (EUS) at 7 secs.
3rd. A.Valverde (KEL) at 10 secs.
4th. J.Gutierrez (BAN) at 20 secs.
5th. C.Evans (TEL) at 25 secs.
6th. L.Piepoli (BAN) at 26 secs.
7th. W.Belli (LAM) at 31 secs.
8th. J.C.Dominguez (PHO) at 33 secs.
9th. J.L.Martinez (PAT) at 33 secs.
10th. S.Blanco (REL) at 33 secs.

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