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New PEZ Kit Hits The Roads Of Europe!

The all new Pez Kit for 2013 by Castelli is in stock and ready to ship right now – and it might be our coolest look yet. See it in the PEZShop right now.

The ‘SUPER 80’s’ look is inspired by the Renault Elf team of that great era:
Bernard Hinault – there was no tougher cyclist and likely never will be.
Laurent Fignon – only as I got older and understood the man better, did I fully appreciate him as a truly great cyclist, sports figure and personality.

As team mates at Renault Elf in the early 80’s they cut quite a swath – some unquantifiable measure of cool, tough guy resolve, swashbuckling bravado, and talent. The perfect pillars for everything we love about cycling. Kit this cool could only be made by a company with legacy of equal grinta – Castelli of course.


After being kept informed about the design of the new retro PEZ Kit for the last few months it’s finally arrived in the mailboxes of our journos worldwide with our man in Spain, and ex Pro-mechanic from back in the ‘Super 80’s’ Alastair Hamilton out on the roads yesterday trying it out,

“When I started working as a pro mechanic the Renault team had bitten the dust and had split to System U and Toshiba, but Castelli were one of the big well known clothing manufacturers. To have that scorpion logo on your clothing was something special.
As to the new kit itself; you notice that the jersey has been cut to fit perfectly in a riding position and the shorts fit like a glove, well without the fingers, if you know what I mean. All in all its some of the nicest gear I’ve ever worn.”

A classic bum shot for the ladies…..

Heading home after a tough 100km ride on a sticky day in Spain……..or was it a 10km ride Al?

Meanwhile a couple of thousand kilometers to the North in France our Editor Chris Selden has also been putting the kit through its paces,


“The look may be retro but the comfort is certainly not. The bibshorts are super comfy and will definitely be my first choice of kit for the rest of this season.”

Chris taking a moment’s rest during his weekend ride at the Pont du Diable, France in his new Castelli PEZ kit.

Two weeks ago I posted my review of Castelli’s Training Fit jersey and Team bibshorts. These models are available only through their custom order program, and incorporate all of Castelli’s knowledge for design, fit, materials and construction.


As a long time fan of the brand, I was pretty happy when we got a chance to work with Castelli on our own custom kit for PEZ, and although it took me a while to dial the design, Castelli delivered my order in 5 weeks (which is very fast in the world of custom orders).

I ordered a few extras in hopes that some PEZ-Fans would like the new look, and want to wear it too. The jerseys and bibs are now in stock and ready to ship in the PEZShop – so take a look and get yourself one of the few kits available.



The new designs have landed and are in stock now but quantities are limited so get yours now and get ready to be admnired.

See the details and BUY YOUR KIT NOW in the PEZShop.

– and thanks for the support!

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