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OLN Expands Tour De France Coverage

Attention PEZ-Readers – this could be just what you need to get your dis-interested wife/ girlfriend/ partner actually interested in cycling! OLN’s Prime Time Show is set to hilight each day’s action, but in a condensed format that should eliminate the boredom for the uninitiated…


Stamford, CT, (June 9, 2004) – Outdoor Life Network (OLN) announces a new format for their Tour de France prime time show, which will be hosted by veteran sportscaster Al Trautwig and cycling favorite Bob Roll. Trautwig and Roll will report from the studio, while cycling greats Phil Liggitt and Paul Sherwen will give their expert analysis from the sidelines of the punishing 2,110-mile course. OLN’s Kirstin Gum rounds out the team as the host of several feature pieces during the show. The Tour de France airs on OLN from July 3rd -July 25th.

The prime time show, which will air each night at 8:00 PM ET/8:30 PM PT, will provide sports fans across America with an informative and easy-to-understand look at the Tour de France. Viewers will get a comprehensive analysis of that day’s action, as well as more personal stories about the competitors, exclusive historical vignettes and stage-by-stage analysis of the route. A new virtual map will capture the grueling elevations, harrowing descents and the time trials, and how those factor into overall team strategies for the race.

The prime time show will not only give cycling fans expanded coverage, it will also provide unprecedented access to the everyday sports fan with a view of the Tour from the laymen’s perspective. Trautwig and Roll’s approach will aim to make sense of some of the more complicated aspects of the Tour, rewinding key moments and using a telestrator to explain what is happening. “OLN’s prime time show is going to be America’s show,” said Gavin Harvey, President of OLN. “The addition of Al Trautwig to the best commentating team on TV will help us tell the story of this year’s Tour like never before. We’re confident that when people understand more about the drama of the competition, the strategy and sacrifice it takes to win, and the personalities of the competitors, we’ll really boost the popularity of cycling with American audiences.”

The broadcast team will also host the pre-race show, which will air each day before the LIVE morning coverage (8:30 AM ET) and before the prime time show in the evening (7:30 PM ET/8:00 PM PT).

About the broadcast Team:
· Al Trautwig – Has covered nine Olympic Games in his career, also covered Greg Lemond’s come-from-behind victory in 1989’s Tour de France.
· Bob Roll – Professional cyclist since 1984 (competed in four Tours), accomplished commentator and author. Bob has been a part of the OLN broadcast team since 2001.
· Phil Liggitt – Often called the ‘Voice of Cycling,’ Phil has covered the Tour since 1973.
· Paul Sherwen – Competed in the Tour from 1978-1985 and has covered every Tour since.
· Kirstin Gum – Part of the OLN broadcast team since 2003, also hosts OLN’s Road to the Tour.

About the Prime Time Show:
· Airs nightly from 8:00 – 10:30 PM ET/PT
· Will include enhanced graphics, features on riders and teams, historical vignettes, and in-depth analysis of the Tour route and team strategies.
· Expert guests, including gear expert Paul Hochman, Armstrong trainer Chris Carmichael and Mountain Biker, Hans Ray

In response to last year’s critically acclaimed and record-breaking coverage of the Tour, OLN will enhance this year’s Tour programming to include 2 ? hours of LIVE race coverage each day beginning at 8:30 AM ET. Race action replays four times daily including the expanded prime time show.

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