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Pantani Motivated By Cipollini

Mercatone Uno Press Release

After the Milano-San Remo, Marco is getting to the point of the situation. We have asked him to give us some comments to understand the psychological condition of the champion who had put so many expectations on this race: “I was disappointed to be in the second part of the group, but I felt very strong emotions in watching Cipollini winning the race. See him on the winners stand was like feeling that my generation has still lots to give to cycling. With this win, now I have more desire of running…!”. For this reason he will undergo another week of intensive training with the aim of improving his form going back to be the Pantani who used to give his fans, who have supported him in all these years, big and deep sensations of winning. We will see him racing at the Criterium. In the meanwhile, for the International Week, Riccardo Magrini is following the other part of the Mercatone Uno team consisting in Borgheresi, Fincato, Cigana, De Angeli, Forconi, Della Vedova e Soler that tomorrow will open the race with two semi-laps: the first time trial by teams on a circuit of 8 Km in Rimini, the second in a circuit to scour eight times for a total of 104 Km between Rimini and Riccione. Mercatone Uno Press Office – Action Sport

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