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PCN Fans Speak Up! Moninger & VDB

Heck yeah, Moninger should be suspended and/or fired by the Team. You can not play favorites and especially if you are a manager of a team, not only do you lose face with the sponsors but you also lose the respect of the other riders that are left on the team. You would be letting them know that it is OK for them to take drugs either on purpose or not. We will never know if what Moninger took was on purpose or by mistake, only he knows, and do you think he is going to admit to it? I think you have to protect the team and the sponsors.


This whole issue is hogwash. If the USADA does not amend its zero tolerance stance by 2003, their already eroding credibility will be zilch along with their tolerance.

Not only does it appear that they are covering arse and looking out for their own interests, but they stand to tarnish the image of US cycling for years, perhaps decades to come. This is not Europe, we’re not talking syringes and EPO here, we are talking SINUS PILL. GET IT?

This is what we have come to expect from USACycling and those who hold its power. They always seem prepared to flush any improvements, and adopt any anachronisms that a few anal whiners deem essential to our sport.

I would faint dead away if they were to adopt a case by case basis because of the Moninger incident. In fact, I would have to check with my cardiologist before reading of any pro-rider initiatives that our illustrious leadership adopt, (and implement).

We have acquiesced and stood idly by far too long. It is time to stand with Moninger, and Vaughters, and all riders, because we are the sport! Riders of the USA UNITE!

USCF & UMCA licensed rider and racer and
sometime RAAM racer,
John Williams

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I think mostly everyone is too hard on your editorial
and question whether they raced at a high level. I
agree VDB behaved like an idiot but also provided
color to our beloved sport. Anybody seeing him bridge
a gap at 60 km/h will contend drugs were a fragment of
his talent, his legs moving like pistons, his torso
still. Above all, I’d like to see him beat depression,
which can be more debilitating than addiction, and
propel his bike in the same colorful way he has in the
past. I don’t think he’s stealing anyone’s job, if so,
leave that to the directeurs sportifs.

Eric Van Bockern

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