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PEZ Ends Daily Distractions Gallery

My inbox this week has been smattered with emails from readers wondering what happened to the Daily Distractions gallery.  My short answer has been we’ve taken it down as we adapt to our changing our social landscape.  The long answer is …


I launched the Daily Distractions gallery in 2002, as an idea to boost readership when we had none, and also because I built PEZ to showcase the sport of pro cycling as I wanted to see it myself.  I wanted to show readers everything I’d seen myself at big races and grand tours, including the beautiful women.

Our Daily Distractions gallery was always intended as a respectful celebration of women connected to cycling, and it was once a real point of difference for us.

But times have changed, and the concept is just not so different anymore – nor as acceptable as it once was.  Some viewers no longer perceive the Daily Distractions gallery in the same light-hearted and appreciative tone that it’s intended.  Some readers, and even people in the cycling industry have told me they find the content offensive.

On the business side, some advertisers have told me they prefer to not be associated with this kind of content, and it just makes sense to create content that has a broader appeal to both readers and advertisers.

I also think cycling media can do a better job of recognizing women in cycling – which I hope will be better for both women, and the brands who choose to support us.


– Richard Pestes





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