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PEZ Goes Social!

Social Media that is…. Call me old school, but I just joined Facebook last month – I finally got caught in the wave of progress called ‘social networking’. Don’t hold yer breath looking for the latest minutiae of my daily existence (I’m a little busy with PEZ…) but after a little time with the new PezCycling Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube channels, you may want to tap in yourself in, or tell your buds, or both…

It seems the whole point of this social media stuff is to make it ‘easier’ to find the content you want, and share that with your friends. And I guess in a lot of ways that’s easier than just surfing on over to your favorite websites.

You may have noticed the familiar icons at the bottom of all our stories now:

On the outside it may seem like more of our cool, colorful graphics, but they do more than just look nice:

The Pez Youtube Channel
People have been asking me for years about what I have planned for video on Pez. Like everything here, if we can’t make it better and different from everything else out there, I simply won’t waste my time – or yours.

Anyone who’s tried to edit the latest videos of their family vacation knows how long it takes to edit decent video, and until Youtube came along we also had the problem of just how to serve the stuff without it costing the farm. Now Youtube is 6 years old and the standard delivery platform for web video. That suits me fine, since it solves one major problem. Sp all we gotta do is come up with some content worth watching…

For now, I’ve posted a few short videos of various topics, ranging from my first interview with Phil Liggett on the slopes above Megeve at the 1990 Tour de France, to my personal suffering on the slopes of the Mortirolo at the 2010 Giro, to my pal Marco mixing the perfect negroni at his bar in Italy.

I’m under no illusion that any of this is ground breaking film, but I do think that they accurately depict the essence of PezCycling – an outlook we all seem to share – and hopefully provide some form of entertainment (however mild that may be.)

PEZ Facebook Page:
I joined the darkside and opened my own account after years of denial and avoidance – but only because I figured I’d best learn a bit about that space if we’re gonna make it useful. I quickly discovered how much time can be wasted just looking for old friends, but hopefully for the legions of FB users out there, sharing a cool PEZ story just got a little easier.

Our own page lists all the latest content we post, while the icons at the bottom of every story allow you to post our stories to your own FB page if you so desire, and share ‘em with your friends.

PEZ Twitter Page:
This one’s been up for a few months, and we’ve even cracked the 2200 mark of ‘followers’ – but don’t worry – you’re not going to see tweets about what kind of energy bar I ate on my last ride. For us the value is making it easier for you to access our content (which provides its own kind of nourishment). Again, each time we post a new story on Pez, it automatically shows on our Twitter page. If you subscribe to our feed you’ll be instantly notified that something new is on site – great for access from your pda. Of course you can also grab and share individual stories if you like – just click the Tweet icon at the page bottom.

An oldie but a goodie – you can use our RSS feed to deliver PEZ content to your site or email account in a variety of configured methods, so once again, our content comes to you.

So check them out and let us know if something seems wonky, or even if you just like something.

And if you’re not into this stuff – fret not – we’re gonna keep on posting our all original content right here at PezCycling News – that’s https://pezcyclingnews.com – !

Thanks for reading – !
– Richard Pestes

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