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Well there it is, we did it. Finally launched this thing. Outda door. Gonzo.
The all new PEZ site is live, baby.

That was an intense last week – reminded me of cramming for finals, only without the “I’ll just change majors if I blow it” attitude. And that intensity started just after Christmas when I came to grips with the whole top to bottom site redesign. Maybe now I can start riding my bike again… and sleeping.

But the changes weren’t driven by just trying to reskin an old set of tubs… It might not look like the old PEZ, but we’re still the same group of guys with the same love of cycle sport – but now presented in a wider, cooler bigger format. We’re still doing all original stories by our own crew, the kind we think are worth more than a few seconds ‘click & go’ that the rest of the web might claim passes for quality content.

My daughter Alessa interviewed me deep into the design phase – if I look fatigued, well indeed I was.

Our last full design change was in 2008, a while ago yes… but there’s so much new technology to present our web content, that now is the right time to make enjoying PEZ an even better experience.

So what’s new? I wanted a platform that would better present the best articles on racing, gear, people places and the rides of pro cycling anywhere. We’ve always loved big awesome photos (or sometimes just big ones…). And our new wider pages allow for even better pics to load up right there in the story for you.

Go Random!
You’ll still find the bigger photos in our PeloPics and Daily Distractions Galleries, only now we’ve added picture scrolling to match the latest web standards, and taken it one step beyond with the all new PEZ Randomizer.

Dig this – the Randomizer gives you an all new random selection of the finest stories in our 11 year old PEZ archive. Just click the infinity button “” – and PEZ takes care of the rest. Try it in our galleries too – wasting time never felt so good – but proceed at your own risk.

You can also sift & sort through the content of each of our Features, Tech N Spec, Interviews, Racing, Travel, & ToolBox sections right from the homepage, or click the title of each section to go to the main section and see stories sorted by date and with bigger intros. We’ve given EuroTrash its own space now, so you can easily keep tabs on the latest news headlines – as presented by our own Alastair Hamilton.

There’s still lots more to come in the next weeks, I’ll be the first to say it’s still a work in progress. If you notice a few things that don’t seem to work – drop me a note at [email protected].

I’m pretty happy with the new look and hope you are too. Here’s to our best season of cycling coverage and riding yet.
– Richard Pestes

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