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Ah – Friday – a day of rest! You know you’ve worked your butt off all week, you deserve a little break – so come on – refill your coffee, and settle in for some possibly enlightening wisdom from PEZ readers just like you!

Riding With Pro’s – Another Tip
Just a point on your riding with the pros. A few years ago we had a very handy rider who by this time was a veteran, but also a political activist. When ever the pace dropped in the local handicaps, some brave soul would drift up and say “Hey Phil, what about so and so at the town hall?”, suddenly the speed increased by 5 m.p.h. and a tirade of unbelievable expletives would explode from his mouth as he screamed along at the front of the bunch. This had the added effect of burning out his half decent sprint. This trick also worked on chain gangs. A great man for your group, and it never failed.
– Malcolm Simpson Team Milton Keynes (UK)

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Today’s Riders Really Are Tougher…
When I read Dr Cheung’s article “Grand Tour Triple Crown – Is It In You?”, I got the distinct impression our cyclists have gone soft. But alas, that fact is riding all three tours in 1 year, and finishing, is as rare as good lookin’ girl that cooks and cleans (credit to Eminem).

Cycling4all.com published the stats and to summarize, only 22 riders in the history of the three tours have ridden all three and FINISHED in one year. TWENTY TWO! Of those 22, nearly 50% of the riders rode during the 1990s. THE NINETIES! Oh, and over the last two decades, more riders have ridden all three tours in 1 year and FINISHED than ever.

That’s a trend that should have the old timers slurping their pasta extra loud in HONOR of today’s riders. Come on…get the facts straight Dr. Cheung!
– Brian Fitzgerald

The Best Stem?
I currently use Deda bar and stem. I’m certainly interested in new carbon Spectrum Bar. Not so sure about the MAG00 stem. Current model I use has a four bolt face plate made of aluminum. I’ve cracked this plate on four different occasions. Get’s expensive replacing these items.

New MAG00 uses the four bolt pattern. You mention it’s carbon, but that won’t stop it from cracking if you over tighten the bolts or don’t get the a proper spread of tension on the bolt pattern. Here’s the question… on stems. What stem in your opinion is the lightest, strongest and most durable you’ve tested and used.

I like the Spectrum bars, I like the New Modolo Curvissuma and will probably buy one of these in the next couple of months for a new bike I’m building.
– Roger Kennedy

I love it when someone asks my opinion! So in my opinion, there really are a lot of high quality, light and very suitable stems out there. It’s a relatively small piece of eqipment, so the weight variations amongst materials and shapes will only be a few grams – less than carrying extra water of a power bar. So I look for a stem that is easy to set up, and puts the bars in the most comfortable place for me. And not to be discounted – how cool looking is it? Read the Deda Bar & Stem Review here“.- Pez

And Lastly… Distracciones
Do you post the pop up’s of the lovely distracciones in various formats? Some of them get blocked by my pop up stopper software and others do not. Of course I prefer that they all are in the full permission granted category.
– Stephen A Miller

Sorry Stephen – we’re currently one-format site when it comes to viewing the Distracciones – Java pop-ups all the way! – Pez.

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