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PEZ Soaks Sweat Off US Military-Vets

It seems the PezCycling News name has taken on a life of it’s own, as this surprise sighting on the U.S Military-Vets CES club jersey proves… This is BIG NEWS for a Friday in November!

Important Disclaimer: We love to plug ourselves as much as the next guy, but honestly – the club took it upon themselves to emblazen their jersey with the mighty & proud PezCyclingNews name – we had nothing to do this one! Thanks guys…

Richard Stewart, one of the team’s founders, contacted the PEZ worldwide hq to alert us that our name would now be soaking up sweat under the arms of team members all over the Baltimore area.

We love the smell of victory!

Let’s shine the PEZ-Spotlight on the U.S. Mil-Vets CES
“Herr Stewart” picks up the story: “The team’s roots extend back to 1988 in Germany when I first got into road racing (German A/B/C VERY fast and LONG crits! LOL!). Interest in the sport and the heavily competitive local German racing scene was sufficient to form an organized team of riders.

While in Deutschland, we garnered 2nd place in the V Corps Criterium Championships, 6th place at the VII Corps Cycling Championships, and 2nd place at the U.S. European MTB Championships in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. From 1990 to 2003, we consistently placed riders in the U.S. Military National Championships in nearly all categories of competition, as well as enjoyed top 10 finishes in gran fondos and cyclosportives in Europe. The team’s headquarters moved from Germany to Tucson, Arizona in late 1990 and we are now located near Baltimore, Maryland.

Our top male athlete, Shawn Olin, USN, is stationed in Naples, Italy, (Cat 1 U.S. Armed Forces Team Member Shawn Olin), and turns the cranks for a local Italian squadra as well as being a perennial member of Team USA at the World Military Cycling Championships.

Our purpose is to further the sports and activities of competitive cycling and endurance sports, provide an organized and high-profile team concept to our athletes, and encourage public awareness of our sports.

Athlete endeavors are further supported by our outstanding sponsors: Sponsors include Glory Cycles (https://www.glorycycles.com), PANDA SportsWear ([email protected]) , Olympus Bikes (https://www.olympusbikes.com) , and American Classic ( www.amclassic.com).

A winter training camp is slated for the February in and around Orlando, Florida to hopefully lessen the harshness of March and April’s first bouts within the peloton.

U.S. Mil-Vets CES Looking For Riders
U.S. Mil-Vets Cycling & Endurance Sports, a USCF amateur team based in Baltimore, Maryland, is accepting intermediate and novice riders for the forthcoming 2004 season. Interested riders from across the U.S. and abroad are welcome to contact Rick Stewart at [email protected] .

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