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PEZ T’s Hot For Summer!

Just in time for Summer! – the very cool custom PezCycling T-Shirts by Hincapie Sports are now available at GloryCycles.com. Now you can look cool off the bike and help promote PezCycling with our savvy t-shirt marketing!

PEZ T’s Rock!
These shirts are darn cool, if I do say so – !

Is it possible to look any cooler than the crew from GloryCycles.com? Why not buy a PEZ T-shirt and find out!

Made from Hincapie’s Dry Body 100% polyester – they’re super in hot weather, so you stay cool when the ‘action’ heats up – ! The v-neck is “just a great idea” says PEZ, and the material is tough enough for kung-fu fighting!

Lots of room in the body means you can order that extra Whopper and no one will be the wiser if you have to pop the pants…!

• Get ‘Em Only Online At GloryCycles.com.

Buy ’em for only US$39.90 + shipping

Color: PEZ Azure Blue
Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Note: They’re a roomy cut, so order your normal size.

– Click The Small T To Buy ‘EM!

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Web: HincapieSports.com

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