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PEZ USER GUIDE 2: Search Me!

We’ve added a bunch of new features to make finding your favorite content on PEZ even easier. Here’s a few helpful tips on searching PEZ to get the most out of your recreational viewing.

The sad truth is the internet has turned even the most steely-eyed among us into insatiable consumers of digital junk food… if it doesn’t hold our attention for more than three seconds… CLICK – we’re outta here ! Onto the next webpage, down the virtual rabbit hole, chasing whatever link looked good at the time and possibly leading to something worthy – but usually yanking us into the gutter and out the back.

For 11 years now our mantra has been ‘quality not quantity’, and while the internet allows anyone to post anything, that deluge of so–called ‘content’ can lead to a lot of wasted time. That’s why we stick to posting one or two original stories a day, a few fantastic photos for Pelopics, the latest press releases and news in ‘Newswire’ and of course one beautiful woman to distract you from your daily grind.

When was the last time you spent more than 5 minutes looking at one website before clicking away?

We have over 10,000 stories in our database, damn fine ones too that have been crafted by the skilled reporters, writers, and photogs who’ve created the best of PEZ over the years, and even though we present a digital format for your view-it-anywhere-there’s-internet pleasure, our articles are all feature-style essays and reports that are best enjoyed by a full read. Like a fine anejo tequila – it’s much better when sipped.

So access to our content is now even easier – thanks to some handy new features we’ve built into the PEZ V3.0 website you’re looking at now.

By now you’ve seen these somewhere, and we’ve added them to our stories just above the title and again at the bottom – ours show key words that relate to other stories with common ideas, content or themes – this is an easy way to pull up more stories like the one you are reading.

Our Search function is right there on every page in the upper right corner – if you haven’t tried it… well, why not? It’s the fastest and easiest way to find the story you want from our vast archives. Just type in a couple words that you think will be in the story, and the mighty PEZ Search Engine will look at all the titles, introductions, and story bodies to return you stories that match your query. That’s easy.

You may have noticed we recently changed the color of our author names at the top of all of our stories. That’s not just to make em look pretty – those are live links baby! Click the author name on any story, and you’ll be rewarded with a listing of all the stories written by that author.

Okay – that’s enough for now so let’s take some time to test em out – go ahead and SEARCH for something on PEZ right now… may I suggest “negronis”, “Giro di Pez” or “Readers’ Rigs”? And let me know how it goes – we’re still tweaking things in the back end (… “that’s what she said”… ahem).

And thanks for reading –

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