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PEZ Welcomes: Haven “Fascat” Overton!

Last Friday, 03:38 AM MT – “As many of you know my wife and I are having a baby. What you don’t know is that it is happening as I send this email!! We are off to the hospital and I will not be returning email for the next 48 hrs.”

That was the last communiquй from ToolBox Contributor and Fascat Coaching owner Frank Overton, as he packed off to the hospital for some exciting hours ahead. 23 hours later – at 5:38PM exactly, their bouncing baby Haven Overton was welcomed to the world by the hospital staff and onlookers.

When reached for comment this morning, Frank’s lovely wife Claudia, now in good spirits, said of the epic delivery: “drugs are a good thing!”

Asked about the name – (hey – we always do) – Frank explained that a favorite grandmother was named Hazel, but that “Hazel” sounded just a bit too much like, well… a favorite grandmother… So Haven was chosen!

At 5 lb 15 oz. Frank is pleased that “she’s got the climbers physique.” He promises VO2 testing will be coming soon – and judging by her loud squaking in the background, her lungs are developing nicely.

Congrats to Frank Claudia and Haven!

You can send greetings, well wishes, and words of wisdom to Frank at [email protected]

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