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Quotes from the San Francisco Grand Prix

The second annual San Francisco Grand Prix, last leg of the BMC Software National Racing Championship series, will take place tomorrow on the hilly streets of downtown San Francisco. Over 300,000 spectators lined the course during last year’s inaugural event and this year promises to be as popular, if not more so. Willie Brown, the city’s Mayor, plans to use this event to showcase his city to the Olympic Selection committee; San Francisco is one of two finalists to host the 2012 Olympics. Here are some quotes from the press conference held Friday at Nike Town:

Kevin Livingston (Team Telekom): “This is the last race of my career… Sunday’s just going to be about going out and riding with my friends and teammates from before… I’m just going to have a good time, but winning would be even better”

Eric Wholberg: (On how Saturn is going to beat Lance Armstrong) “Well, I talked to some of the guys out on the docks and we’re going to have guys with great big pots of melted metal out there, because Lance is the Terminator and that’s the only thing that can stop the Terminator”

Chann McRae (US Postal): “(Winning the US National Championships) has, of course, been my career high and I’d like to continue that here in front of a half a million people in San Francisco… it’s going to be a challenging race for everyone out there. I was talking to George (Hincapie) about how tough this race really is, actually this race is tougher than any World Cup we do in Europe and I specifically asked if I could come here and race in San Francisco instead of the Tour of Spain”

George Hincapie (US Postal, defending Champion): (On his form after his crash in San Sebastian) “My leg is pretty much all healed up, I haven’t been feeling 100% on the bike, but I’m really glad just to be able to come back, three weeks ago I thought my season was over.” (On US Postal’s tactics) “We have a general idea of what we’re going to do before the race, but the final decision will be made on the road, depending on how I feel, or Lance feels, or any of the other guys on the team, we have a strong team here… We want to win”

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