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Reader Reply: How To Win The Tour

PCN Reader Humberto Gonzalez replies to our Tour Comment: How To Win The Tour article.
I was preparing myself to read another “This Tour de France not as exciting as it could be” article. Maybe even requesting Lance Armstrong to step away from the Tour and give others a chance to win it. Or better yet, another attempt at placing all the blame on Armstrong for the lack of competition at the TdF. I continued to read and was pleasantly surprised. Finally! Someone else knew the real reasons why Armstrong has been able to win the TdF the past three years (and will most likely add a fourth in a couple of days). If the public would like to witness a more exciting TdF, Armstrong shouldn’t be asked to step down. His competitors should be expected to step up to the challenge. Armstrong is a gifted athlete, but he’s not the only one capable of winning the TdF. It’s just that he’s the only one willing to what it takes to win.

Humberto Gonzalez

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