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Riders Talk: Coppa Agostini

A curiosity about Trittico Lombardo: the final winner will receive a diamond of 10,000 euro.

Jalabert commented: “We escaped early, but when we got 2 minutes at 40 kms from the finish, I knew we could stay away. Faresin helped me a lot. I’m afraid that he arrived 2nd but…that’s the race. Of course in these weeks a lot of people ask me if I’ll really stop at the end of this season, and I every time repeat ‘yes’. Now I don’t know what I’ll do until September, but tomorrow I’ll be still here for end of the Trittico Lombardo”.

Faresin said: “I didn’t think this escape could survive to the end, but…we did a great work. Unluckily my escape mate was Jalabert and with him it isn’t easy to win. Now I’m finding a good condition. I trained in mountains in July and I’m wishing to do a good end of tes season to capture a jersey for the world championship”.

Oscar Sevilla: “At Tour de France I had a lot of problems with my stomach, but after a break of one week, I’m feeling better and I’m ready for the Vuelta”.

Giunti: “I’m glad for my 3rd place, also if I lost the chance to win. But behind in my group there wasn’t a team that could work to close the hole between us and the 2 escapers”.

Pellizzotti (Alessio) won’t run the Vuelta but he will do the Italian races.

Cadel Evans, although reported to be moving to Once, is apparently still talking with Telekom, so, nothing sure for the moment.

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