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Rumsas Vs. France

– Reported by Datasport.it –
The Lithuanian cyclist Raimondas Rumsas, finds himself embattled with the French judiciary system, culprits, in his eyes, of being misinformed on the situation surrounding his wife Edita, who now resides in a prison in Lyone for the possession of banned substances.

The athlete, racer of the Lampre-Daikin team, is at this moment only suspended from his squad, has, among other things, lamented the lack of communication concerning his wife’s provisionary release. Rumsas, who refuses to journey to France in fear of recieving the same treatment as his wife, has made himself availabe to the prosecution, bu only on Italian territory.

“I haven’t recieved any official communication – said the cyclist – on the denial of the temporary liberation of my wife from the Tribunal in Chambery. At the same time I am dealing with Lampre to try and lift my suspension. But all of it will depend on the situation of my wife. Everything will depend on the development of the situation. I also have a son whom I am thinking about and will be starting school soon”.

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