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It’s Sunday and we’re out riding, but that’s no reason to deny your daily fix of the pro cycling entertainment you crave! The PEZ SEARCH Engine makes it easy to fill your fix – instantly scanning over 5000 searchable cycling stories in our vast PezCycling databanks. So come on – give it a try… Right now!

Sure, we’re easy to use, with links to every section right on our homepage – but sometimes you might ask yourself “where was that cool story on ________” (fill in your favorite rider, race, bike, training tip, travel story, MailBag, Comment, etc) – so fear not – just use our PEZ Search engine –

Look for this button on the left side of the page – just above our light blue table of contents – it appears on EVERY PAGE of PezCycling…
Search PezCycling News

Or Click this link:

Everything we’ve ever posted like:
– our PEZ-Clusive INTERVIEWS
– ever popular TECH N SPEC product reviews,
– the invaluable TOOLBOX Training & Fitness guides
– great vacation ideas in TRAVEL & TOURS

– And a bunch more…

We give you a choice of 4 different search methods so it’s easy to use.

1. Text Search – Just type in any word and click “Search”. Our engine will quickly display all the stories in our database that contain the word you typed.

2. Search by Date – Select a Date from the menu bars, and you’ll get back a page containing all the headlines posted on that date.

3. Search By Month – Same as #2, but you’ll get back all the stories posted in a given month.

4. Search by Date Range – Pick a Date Range to see all the news we posted during that time.

Search PezCycling News

Click this link to SEARCH PEZCycling:

We sent the night watchman home, and removed the locks from the vault doors – it’s even better than your local library cuz we never close and you’ll never get “shsss’d”. We just request that you keep your pants on…

Good luck and happy reading!

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