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Selle Italia Santa: The Winners!

The dust has settled from the deluge of crappy saddle entries – and the winners have been selected to receive the Limited Edition Selle Italia SLR Element saddles. Thanks to everyone for getting off your butts and snapping the pics of your beloved butt-holders – here are the winners:

In all we receive over 24 entries – maybe not a landslide, but more than enough to provide great odds to win. In the end, consideration was given to most creative entries, best stories, and of course gnarliest saddles.

We just reviewed these cool new limited edition saddles and thought the best thing was to offer ’em up to loyal PEZ-Fans as an early Christmas treat – . The good folks at Selle Italia liked the idea and our little contest was born…

Oooo- the Prizes!

Some of you sent us some very gnarly photos, but the contest was about worst saddle,.. NOT worst photos. (Next time – try to get the shot in focus!)

And Thanks from Selle Italia and PEZCycling to everyone who entered, and to everyone who’s taking time from doing something useful to read this story!

PS: Saddles will be mailed to you in next 2- weeks!

1. Sam Johnson – Prize: “TERRA” Saddle
Hello Pez. Let me start by saying how much I love Pezcyclingnews:

Sam’s crash.

Now then: I want to share with you a story. It is not a glamorous story, yet it holds value nonetheless! This story is about me, and a very valuable lesson I learned (along with the very expensive price at which I learned it). A long time ago, when the earth was still young (last spring), I was a foolish and brash young bicycle racer. I thought I knew everything there was to learn about the sport.

Sam’s rash.

Veteran cyclists would yammer advice in my direction and I’d spit back some advice of my own! “Keep your eyes open as much as possible, so that you can see the road and have more time to avoid dangerous obstacles, Sam” those geezers would say. “Hogwash,” I’d reply, “I prefer to race blindfolded. The eyes are unreliable – it’s better to race by sound and feel; those senses never lie!” I thought I knew everything. “Try to stay upright on your bike. You go a lot faster when you’re perpendicular to the ground” another know-it-all stooge recommended. “I’ll ride sideways if I damn well
please, and we’ll see who is faster!”

I decided to prove my point. Sideways, in theory, is much more aerodynamic. A cyclist should be able to go ‘under the wind’ when sideways. The first picture is me demonstrating my trademark ‘parallel’ riding position, in which I build up some speed before positioning my body parallel the road. The added aerodynamics should, in theory, have boosted me past the other riders and
across the finish line first. The next picture shows the results of my little experiment. As you can see I’m very satisfied with the outcome! I was the fastest biker out of that corner, and I did it all on my side. Now all I’ve got to do is perfect my newfound talent into an art form, and then I can open up training camps for the “Sam Johnson Sideways Cycling Method”. Watch out Carmichael Training Systems.

Sam’s sad saddle.

Anyway, I also included a picture of my saddle. Both the saddle and I got x-rays and we found that nothing was broken. For some reason, I’ve healed from this encounter with the ground, but my saddle has not. I keep telling it how important a good recovery is, but my saddle has been impatient. I’ve had to borrow a really uncomfortable women’s saddle for the time being. It’s way
wide, and pinches the nerves in my legs and makes my hamstrings go numb. I’ve also had to put buying a new saddle on the back burner since I damaged a lot in that crash (my front Eurus, rear derailleur, helmet and pride).

If selected, I’d take almost any of those saddles. My favorite would be the ‘air’ one because air is light, and almost painless to crash on. Mud is cool because there was a lot of mud at those cyclocross nationals. I had a good crash there too (broke my seat post, ripped the sole off my shoe, and snapped off my derailleur hanger – and I went swimming in the mud) but man was it FUN! Water is good because that’s that I use to help me crash on railroad tracks and storm drains. Steel surfaces wouldn’t be nearly as slippery without
water. Lastly, fire is great too because fire causes burns, and roadrash feels JUST LIKE burns! As you can see in that middle picture, I just LOOOVE burns!

thanks Pez
-Sam Johnson

2. Sylvain Michaud Prize: “ARIA” Saddle
Here’s what I think is the overall winner of the saddle contest.
Its a Blue Selle San Marco Era Lux that came with my Trek 5200 USPS 2003 Edition.

Here is my story. Two years and a half ago (Spring 02), I was told by my doctor that I was suffering from High Blood Pressure, due to the fact that I was inactive and overweight. I had to change my eating habits, exercise and learn to relax (not to mention take pills for the rest of my life). Only a few weeks later, one of my brothers (5 Years older than I am – I was 39 at the time), suffering of the same High Blood Pressure, had a stroke and has been paralyzed since then.

Yikes – that is one ugly saddle.

I decided that I would follow the doctor’s recommendation. So, I took my old Giant Cadex (old 1992 carbon bike -Shimano 105) out and started to train and eat more properly. Things were going great, I was losing weight, getting back into shape. Unfortunately, I crashed in fall ’02 – A Hit and Run by a car making a left turn.
I was so determined, I bought myself a brand new Trek 5200 In winter ’03. A month later I was without a job. I was without a job for nine months, and went bankrupt, lost everything, house, car and wife, yes, wife, but manage to keep the Trek.
Since then, I have lost 40 lbs, my blood pressure is back to almost normal, I no longer have to take pills thanks to 11,000km on the Trek. Cycling saved my life, through exercise but also as a way to release pressure and feel good about myself while everything was going wrong.

My current situation is such that I can’t afford a new saddle. Therefore winning your contest would be great, I would be able to anticipate spring with a smile…and know that my bad luck is finally coming to an end.

3. Matt Belcher Prize: ACQUA
What you’re looking at ladies and gentlemen is a Selle Italia SLR snake skin saddle and yes it has electrical tape on parts of it holding it together.

Evidence apparent that people actually ride saddles like this…

4. Patrick Kehoe Prize: FUOCO

Actually overworked saddle I still use. It would be great to replace it with another slr. Thanks
Patrick Kehoe

My those SLR’s take a beating…

Honorable mention because this is a good story, but the saddle just wasn’t ugly enough – from Chad Brown –

Here is my saddle…a 2001 Serfas ARC Kevlar covered saddle.

The saddle is still rideable, but me and Mr. ARC have a long and sorted history together.

For starters, when Serfas was making this saddle they didn’t think through the raised stitching on the saddle. (See all the lettering on the saddle?) The stitching has worn through several pairs of expensive shorts and have given me saddle sores I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Big, flaming sores….

Additionally, Kevlar cover has yet to break-in like a normal leather saddle might…and this is after about 5,000 miles and two Ironman triathlons on the saddle…it just won’t budge. Each Spring, after the Wisconsin weather warms up, I think that the saddle will begin to break itself in and finally make my bum feel as it should…but alas, I end up cursing the saddle at the end of each season.

I just don’t want to admit that this saddle isn’t meant for me…but, thanks to Pez I am ready to admit my mistake and concede that this saddle will never be what I need it to be.

If I win, my first choice would be the ‘flame thrower’…if nothing else, it would remind me of the flaring saddle sores that I no longer would have to deal with. Second choice would be the ‘stone’ color…no reason for that one.

Me and my butt thank you.

Chad Brown

And Thanks from Selle Italia and PEZCycling to everyone who entered, and to everyone who’s taking time from doing something useful to read this story!
– Merry Christmas to all!

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