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Dario Frigo Wins Setmana Catalana Overall

Fassa Bortolo policed the race to-day, so that Dario Frigo could hold the lead to the finish. Just to show that there is still life in the old dog yet, Erik Zabel won the sprint for stage victory.

Garcia Quesada (Kelme), Lopez (Paternina) and Arrizabalaga (Euskaltel) enlivened the race to-day by heading off on there own at 14 kilometres from the start. They were eventually joined by Commeso (Saeco) and Pereiro (Phonak).

The weather was against them, 9єC temperature and cold rain to make things more comfortable for them. They were pulled in after 158 kilometres.

The sprint of the riders who had not abbandoned (91 finished) was taken by Erik Zabel (Telekom), if I must eat my hat I will!

Next big race in Spain is the G.P. Miguel Indurain on the 5th. of April, a 1·2 UCI single day event. Followed by the Vuelta al Pais Vasco, a 5 day stage race from the 7th. to the 11th.

Stage 5 Result:

1st. E.Zabel (TEL) 4:30:53.
2nd. B.Zberg (RAB) same time.
3rd. S.Commeso (SAE) same time.
4th. I.Galvez (KEL) same time.
5th. A.Castresana (ONCE) same time.
6th. G.Bayarri (PHO) same time.

Final Overall:

1st. D.Frigo (FAS) 20:15:51.
2nd. J.Jufre (CRF) at 9 secs.
3rd. D.Latasa (KEL) at 13 secs.
4th. L.Piepoli (BAN) at 13 secs.
5th. I.Mayo (EUS) at 23 secs.
6th. S.Perez (PHO) at 25 secs.
7th. M.Rasmussen (RAB) at 25 secs.
8th. J.Rodriguez (ONCE) at 27 secs.
9th. M.Serrano (ONCE) at 31 secs.
10th. J.Azevedo (ONCE) at 31 secs.

23rd. L.Armstrong (USP) at 1:11 secs.

88th. M.Barry (USP) at 41:56 secs.
89th. A.Casero (COA) Winner of the 2001 Vuelta a Espaсa.
91 finished.

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