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Ullrich To Kelme? ”This Is The First I’ve Heard Of It!” Says Oscar Sevilla

After yesterday’s bomb-shell, the possibility of Jan Ullrich going to Kelme next season, Oscar Savilla shares his thoughts with Marca (Spanish sports daily) reporter, Josй M. Castillo.

Oscar Savilla is at the moment in Grand Canaria, participating in the Vuelta Cicloturista de Maspalomas, when he heard about the possible signing.

Did you know about the possibility of Ullrich coming to your team?

O.S. I did’nt know any-thing, I just found out now, but they did tell me last week that a German multi-national could be a sponsor.

And how do you feel about sharing the leader-ship with a man like Ullrich?

O.S. There could be bad things, because if we are both in the same race and we have to go for the win, that is where the problems begin. But there will be good things, I can learn a lot from a rider like Ullrich.

Do you think that the sharing of the leader-ship will be difficult?

O.S. No, I think if we put things right from the start we wont have any problems, but with a outstanding rider like Ullrich you already know that you have to work for him, but I think there will be opportunities for both of us. But I see it very doubtful that he will sign.

If Ullrich signs or not it is a good thing to know the possibility of a new sponsor?

O.S. Yes, of course, and if Ullrich comes and with him the money for the team, he is welcome, if he came it would be good for every-body.

And being again co-leader doesn’t break your plans?

O.S. No, but I would have liked them to have told me, I’m not going to oppose, because it’s their team, and they can do what they like, but I would like to know about negotiations.

So can they count on your approval then?

O.S. I don’t have to approve anything and to be with Ullrich I don’t see it good or bad, all depends how he comes….if he comes.

Thanks to Spanish Sports Daily Marca.

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