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Simoni Says: Let’s Race

– Reported by Gazzetta dello Sport –
Simoni was unlucky last March, when he got a micro fracture at his right knee. He was worried about not being able to run the Giro d’Italia, “I was worried I must skip the next Giro – says the Saeco’s captain – for a complete recovery the doctors told me about 1 month, and it was too much for be ready for the Giro”.

But things have turned around “because the doctors, the team helped me a lot with my problem, and I’ve been ready much sooner. Now I’m not under pressure for the race, and alsobecause I won last year. The most important thing now is be at 100% when the race will catch fire”.

The first stages will help him to be ready for the first hills. “From Liege I started to see the ‘light’. At the Settimana Catalana and at the Tour of Basque my condition still wasn’t so good, a 10% which I found at Giro del Trentino, last week. It has been one of the most difficult Trentino of ever. It was all a hill, and we always used the 23, but my 3rd place makes me sure about my condition, and about my knee. It was getting better everyday. I’m not running the Romandie because I need to recover for be ready to fight with Francesco Casagrande, the most dangerous rival, and Garzelli”.

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