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Spain Gets On With Racing

So what’s all this nonsense about doping in cycling, then ? Here in Spain all the sports papers are covering the competitive aspects of cycle racing, not dwelling on who’s on what, when, etc.

In Marca it’s all about Tyler Hamilton s ride to-day in the time trial, how he has moved up in the G.C. and his pedalling style. Cadel Evans gets a mention and of coarse best Spanish rider to-day Aitor Gonzalez. Some MTB news on Marga Fullana and a report on Armstrong at Midi Libre, But no dope. The other two dailies, as & El Mondo deporte, much the same story here, El Mondo has report on Voscamp in the tour of Belgium and Zabel in Tour of Bavaria. A interview with UCI President Verbruggen where he states he is very furious over whats going on and a small article on Simoni and the police interest in his use of cocaine. as has all of the above plus an article “Este es un Giro Loco“ which doesn’t mention drugs, but goes on about Americans & Mountain bikers in the Giro.

You must remember, that here whats going on in other countries is considered strange and not to be trusted, like the Delgado affair and all the Spanish teams leaving the tour ” en mass” in 1998, leave them to there way and we’ll enjoy the sport our way.

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