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Stage 14: One For Tricky Dicky

Stage 14: One For Tricky Dicky

Lodиve to Mont Ventoux 221 kms

With a fairly flat ride to the bottom of the Mont Ventoux, a group of 11 riders went away at 18 kms, the bunch was being controled by US Postal, Rabobank & CSC, the latter protecting Jalaberts mountain jersey.

As the bunch crossed the Rhфne river, with 160 kilometres under its belt, the 11 men ahead had a gap of 10 min 08 secs. They were Hushovd (CA), Morin (CA), Botcherov (AG2), Virenque (DOM), Velo (FAS), Serpellini (LAM), Pradera (ONC), Baranowski (BAN), Auge (DEL), Edaleine (DEL) & Moreni (ALE). They hit the bottom of the climb in Bйdoin with an 8 minute advantage, the mountain is 21.1 kilometres long and goes up to 1912 metres, a climb of 1572 metres through a sunbaked lunar land scape.

Morini started the action from the front escapees, as US Postal took over the chase, Virenque looking the keenest, staid with all the small attacks untill they had tired themselves out and he was off on his own for victory, the others from the group were now not raceing but surviveing the mountain and the heat.

Behind riders were all over the place, the speed set by Armstrongs team blew them all away, it looked as the plan had back fired as Armstrong was on his own with Beloki & Azevedo (ONC),Rumsas (LAM), Basso (FAS) who had Velo for help and Mancebo (BAN) managed to get up to them. Beloki jumped, Armstrong countered and went straight past, pulling away at a rate that looked like he could catch Virenque, but 1 minute a kilometre was too much even for a flying Lance.

Dicky takes the stage, Armstrong 2,20 behind, Basso & Rumsas get rid of Beloki & Azevedo. All the ONCE riders lost time to Armstrong to-day, but who did’nt? US Postal looked a bit weak to-day, but their leader did’nt. Tomorrow a day off.

Stage Result:

1.VIRENQUE Richard FRA DOM 5 Hours 43 Min 26 Secs.
2.BOTCHAROV Alex RUS AG2 at 1,58
3.ARMSTRONG Lance USA USP at 2,20
4.SERPELLINI Marco ITA LAM at 2,54
5.RUMSAS Raimondas LTU LAM at 3,36
6.BASSO Ivan ITA FAS at 3,39
7.MANCEBO Francisco SPA BAN at 3,51
8.BELOKI Joseba SPA ONC at 4,05
9.BARANOWSKI Darius POL BAN at 4,10
10.GOTTI Ivan ITA ALS at 4,16

Overall after Stage 14:

1.ARMSTRONG Lance USA USP 56 Hours 51 Mins 39 Secs.
2.BELOKI Joseba SPA ONC at 4,21
3.RUMSAS Raimondas LTU LAM at 6,39
5.MANCEBO Francisco SPA BAN at 10,49
6.AZEVEDO Josй POR ONC at 10,57
7.HERAS Roberto SPA USP at 11,35
8.SEVILLA Oscar SPA KEL at 12,45
9.LEIPHEIMER Levy USA RAB at 12,54
10.VIRENQUE Richard FRA DOM at 13,12.

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