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The Bloke In France: Back To Work

I’d like to wish a belated Happy New Year to all you PezCycling News readers. I arrived back in France last week after a Christmas break back in sunny England, after a visit to Starbucks and just in time for my new team presentation.

The Yuletide Christmas… ‘Chi Tea Lattй’
I really enjoyed going back to see my friends and family. I flew into London on Christmas Eve and stayed at home for a couple of weeks before jetting back to France for my team presentation. I can’t say my stay was filled with mind-blowing excitement but I get enough of that here in France, really I do….

(okay… I didn’t think that would convince you…)

I did enjoy a trip into our nation’s great capital to see the sights. I also enjoyed my first ‘Chi Tea Lattй’ in Starbucks. Very traditional.

Riveting Team Presentation
I’m sure the team presentation was something to write home about, if you understand more French than I do… but to our new non-French speaking team mates it seemed like a lot of the usual standing on a stage whilst the Team Manager talked up the team for 2004. Then followed the individual photos and an hour waiting round the back of the stage before all the important people out front had finished their lines for the enchanted audience. Well, maybe enchanted is an exaggeration. I think it was more tedious for my new Canadian and Polish team-mates as they are just beginning to learn French.

Nothing like a jaunt around the French countryside to burn off those post-Xmas calories.

The big news for me since I got back is that I’ve moved homes. The team has shifted us all the way over to the house next door. This is a good thing since there are some new arrivals. It’s all going well, especially now we actually have a TV and washing machine in the house! We’re now going to have five people living there; the new Polish and Canadian riders on our team, Daniele and Marc, another English rider who is racing for a team in Limoux called Jonathan, Chris who races for VC la Pomme in Marseille but who spends some time in the promised land of Limoux, and finally, me.

It’s a bit of a culture shock from last season when I spent most of the year living on my own. Fortunately I didn’t lose all my social skills. I just have to remember not to walk around naked now. This will be especially important as the New Zealand women’s team will be arriving in a couple of months and they will be using our Satellite TV. I don’t want to cause an International incident. (of course not, James… – ed.)

I’m afraid that’s about it for today. I have to go and enjoy some more food in order to refuel following an epic session behind the team car today.


James rides with the CA Castelsarrasin team in the highest category of amateur team in France, DN1 Espoir. It is set up to aid the development of Under 23 riders. The team, its sponsors and support staff provide the opportunity and support to race successfully at a high level. The team is aided by the management and support of Didier Rous and Brioches La Boulangиre.

Get more info at James’ website: JamesHewitt.net

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