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The Jean-Marie-Go-Round Finally Stops: No Cipo

Putting an end to the farce that is the Tour de France team selection process, ASO have decided that there will be no Tour for Mario Cipollini. Now rather than claiming that Logistics were the primary concern, ASO have issued a statement indicating that DVE and Mario would have compromised the security of the race and the quality of the organization.

So I guess along with Osama Bin Laden, Sadam and SA.R.S. We can add Mario Cipollini to the list of security risks? Or maybe Mario puts the (slim) chances of a French stage win at further risk, given that he took four the last time he rolled up on the tour…

As for the quality of the organization, ASO is a top-flight group that does a massive and difficult job very well. It is a shame (er sham?) that they honestly believe another dozen or two people would have made a huge difference in the quality of their performance. While the quality of their performance would have been just fine with or without Mario, it would have made a huge difference in the quality of the product that the cycling public could consume.

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